Recipe for Vegetarian Spring Roll

When I have occasion in my house, I always cook a vegetarian spring roll. I love to eat spring rolls, especially with spicy ketchup, its yummylicious. Here is the ingredients for the Vegetarian Spring Roll.


20 sheets spring roll wrappers
2 carrots
1 white cabbage
1 cup dry flavoured soy mince
300 g beansprouts
salt pepper
oil for frying
for dip:
soy sauce
white vinegar
1 canned sweet corn

Note: Don't cook the sweet corn. Add only the sweet corn, when you put to the spring roll sheets.

Shred carrots and cabbage. Add beansprouts. Soak soy in a little bit of water untill damp.
Add soy sauce to mixture; salt and pepper to taste.
Wrap into spring roll sheets and then fry in oil.

Delicious with a soy sauce and white vinegar dip.


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