Switzerland National Day

Tomorrow is 1st of August and that is the Switzerland Day meaning Swiss confederation day or it is also called national day or Independence Day. Mostly houses decorated of lanterns, bonfires, people enjoying fireworks, festive and many more like having barbecues or grilled food, picnic, brunch in the farm enjoying spend together with family.

1st of august we used to have picnic with family and friends, it seems tomorrow it will having rain shower until in the night as what we’ve heard regarding the weather news, so we are going only to have a branch in farmer restaurant house which is typical of Swiss people celebrating Switzerland day with my family and friends.

Tonight we are going to Biel to watch fireworks, I hope I could get some photos or videos to share of you folks, I think this so nice… and great sharing of you, i thought some of you might enjoy it as well... that’s all for now, have a nice day.

First Impression City Of Berne

Folks, how are you today? As you will know, my mom arrived yesterday evening was safely arrived. This afternoon we have brought her in city of Berne. You know what her first impression of Berne just saying, amazing, beautiful, terrific, nice, clean, fresh and peaceful city, hmmm… ahhh the flowers are beautiful, people, shopping, houses, buildings, trams, trains, bus or whatever or everything are new for her that she don’t have seen in Philippines.

My mom and my son. In Zytglogge, behind is the tram, the transportation in City Berne

The known The Clock Tower (Zeitglockenturm) is the most tourist attraction in the City, more information the clock tower in Berne City in Siwtzerland just click it here

Happy Brithday M-M

It is party time…its birthday of my shining star...Happy Happy Birthday to Ate Mele… I want to say to you that this is another year for you, I am wishing you so much laughter, joy and fun more surprises, love and happiness. I hope all your wishes come true, and your birthday be perfect and I hope you have many more.

Listen the funny happy birthday song :-) I like it...

Feeling So Excited

My mom arrives on Monday at the evening from Philippines, huh! So soon, right? I am eager to see her again and hug and of course, she is so eager to see her first grand child. In August 4, we are going to have vacation maybe in just 2 weeks. I want to try to have an internet connection so that I could bring my laptop and while we’re in vacation and I could update my blog every night or chat my bros, sis and father back way home in Philippines and my friends when we come from our city tour. That is all for now folks, see you later on. Maybe in my next update of my blog, my mom is already in here, I want to say you now, Tschüss, just drop your EC then I’ll follow you. Have a nice day or night wherever you are in around the globe.

Scammers Go Away

I hate scammer who does not hate, right? I think you really hate scammers too. There are many scammers sending and commented in my blog and just saying, “It’s really amazing” and then they are just talking and promoting their website especially poker or gambling. I hate this! It is good I moderate first the comments or messages before will appears in comment area, ashamed to them. I reject it those comments just sending messages in my comments box promoting their website or gambling website here in my comments box. Excuse me….

On High Cloud 9

Just saying Hi to everyone, how are you today? This is just a quick update this morning and sending greetings to everyone, you know the people that read this blog of mine. I’m still here, supposed to be I want to post more entry now, but I will probably post more entry here in blog later on this afternoon or maybe if nothing else in the other day.

This morning I got up early, my baby keeps me awake by holding my face, my arms and my nose. It is always nice to wake up in the morning and see my baby boy flashing his smile at me. That makes bring on high cloud 9 nyay.

Thanks To God

Thanks to God my baby now is getting better from fever. Last night it was difficult, he was having fever 38.1grad temperature. I do not have enough sleep last night as I was keeping awake and cannot sleep so well and I stood up early morning because my baby keep me telling that I must awake. My eyes are now hurting something gets falling down and so heavy to open my eyes because of lacking sleep last night. I Hope I can sleep tonight and sleep longer. I want to go to bed now I want to sleep now folks. See you later in your page just leave your messages in my comments box or just drop your EC. Have a nice day or night.

My Thought

This morning I asked my self why my baby having fever, maybe because of the weather, because it is changeable everyday, rain and shine together and hot or maybe just because he is teething. When I was checking to his gum this morning I saw in the upper gum there are tooth started growing and are showing. Wow! how so quick he has having teeth. When he was 2 months old, his gum started aching and in 4 months old 1 tooth was showing then when he was 5 months old his having 2 at the front lower gum and now totally he has 5 are showing now. Huh! The days goes by so fast right?
I am so happy of my son because of so fast development and that is makes us so proud being parents to him. My husband and I are so fond of our son.

Having Fever

At noontime, we went to the city here in our place. We took some photos. After minutes, looking those fountains dancing by the house of parliament we walked around a little bit by the city but we never realized baby C-D (8 months old) was vomiting. I am so sad seeing his face because I can feel what his feeling now. This is the first time he got fever not because he is teething. Now he is on his crib sleeping have a fever. I hope he will get well soon.

By house of Parliament

In his crib keep playing even have a fever

Beautiful and Sexy Outfit

It was 1 month I have never been shopping buying for my needs therefore yesterday before we have visited to my friend in hospital (who delivered a baby boy last Thursday my last entry I posted) when we were leading to hospital my husband dropped me in boutiques and I bought jeans and top outfit. I cannot resist my self without buying those beautiful and sexy clothes.

I like these style, so cute

sexy top outfit

sexy top outfit

Black and white Jeans

Congratulation To My Good Friend

This afternoon I visited to my good friend (Robilyn) in hospital also a Filipina woman and married a Swiss man. She delivered a baby boy yesterday 3 kilograms and 720 grams and 51-centemeter baby boy in caesarean operation. I was so touch when I so her cute boy (named John André), I am really so happy of my close friend finally her baby was born yesterday at noontime 12:14 having an angel given from above. She is my best friend my good friend here in our place, we are almost the same age; I am younger just 1 year. We are almost 5 years now as a good friend; we just met in the school where I was studied German course language that I could never forget. In the same day that we met, she invited my husband and I to visit her house, we had dinner their, and that was our friendship started. My husband and her husband are also good friend because of us (my friend Robilyn). We shared many things, sad times, problems and happiness, that I could share with comfortable and trust. We keep in touch always and we spend our time mostly going outing, shopping, picnic, swimming and any kind, which is fun with us.

I want to say “Congrats to my best friend having an adorable baby boy and Welcome
To Motherhood My Friend

Tomorrow around in the afternoon I am going to visit again her, I am with my husband, my husband eager also to her son.

With my good friend Robilyn was 5 months pregnant

Daily Routine

Everyday is a busy day for me, doing house hold choirs, taking care of my baby, went out spent together my husband and baby before to go to bed specially now summer always good weather, go to my work and sometimes if I got a time free I do blogging, chatting my friends, my bro. or my family way back in Philippines. Sometimes I chatted to my family while talking to them too in telephone ha-ha-ha that is what I am my daily routine. Anyway I wish you had good day or good night.

What Have You Dream?

Sometimes I keep dreaming flying with power, crossing the river which clear water, going up to the mountain and reached it to the top and sometimes not , but the meaning of the dream I don’t really believed those meaning, but this morning I was so curious and I keep browsing the meaning of my dream.

I found some meaning of dreams. Here are the interpretations.

To dream that you are flying, signifies a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited.

To see a clear, calm-flowing river in your dream, signifies that you are allowing your life to float away and it is time that you take a more decisive hand in directing your life. A river also symbolizes joyful pleasures, peace and prosperity.

To see mountains in your dream, signifies many major obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome. If you are on top of the mountain, then it signifies that you have achieved and realized your goals. Alternatively, mountains denotes a higher realm of consciousness, knowledge, and spiritual truth.

To dream that you are climbing a mountain, signifies your determination and ambition.
To dream that you fall off a mountain, suggests that you are in a hurry to succeed without thoroughly thinking about your path to success. It also means that you have a tendency to give up or escape from demanding situations.

What about you, what have you dream?

Photos From Birthday Party

My last entry I talked about we attended birthday party. Here are some photos that we took last Saturday during the party. Some photos are blurd, because I was carrying with my baby that is why is not really god shot but I do not put it here.

Me wearing with blue, Juliet, Myrna the birthday Celebrant and Marilou

Some new friends

With my little boy, had big smile...

My little boy enjoying the party, my husband concentrating the show hahaha...

Fun Fun Saturday

We had fantastic Saturday. We attended birthday party of my friend and just came home now. The party was great and a lot of fun, were dancing and singing (video karaoke) which was so great with full of laugh aloud. Almost 60 people attended in the party. There were a lot of different kind of food Asian that I really missed to eat and typical Swiss food. Is good I had a little bit time to update my blog even just this one entry for saying what we had done today. Oks folks, is almost 12 midnight now here, that is all for now, let me go to bed now and I want to say you goodnight or good day wherever you are.

Rice and Risotto With Pineapple

Hi folks, are you hungry? This makes you hungrier. This evening when we were from grocery buying foods for the next week, I cooked Rice Risotto. You know that Rice and Risotto is the known food of Italian. This is much easier to prepare. I bought one packed of rice and risotto, ready to cook, after boiling 10 minutes then I put pineapple and sweet corn and then I let 5 minutes more to boil and the result was fine perfect taste. I told to my husband this is the rice risotto that I made perfect and tasteful unlike the other rice risotto are salted. This I cooked is tasteful, fine that I could not find in the restaurant. Folks, try out rice risotto with slice of pineapple chunks it is tasteful duh! My husband loves it!

Stylish Prescription Eyeglasses

I forgot to mention that my mom and dad need also new eyeglasses. I should get one for them too and this is a chance for my mom she is coming over here in our place at the end of the month. I want to look eyeglasses for them at ZenniOptical.com it has huge selection of high quality stylish frame prescription glasses online start $8.00 and that could be help to save money too. Zenni optical eyeglasses are at affordable price, plus durable complete prescription eyeglasses and best selling online stylish frame prescription eyeglasses check out Zenni on Fox.

Flat iPhone 3G

I posted entry here I talked a short line about iPhone 3G. Just here in our place I thought yesterday it was launching of the iPhone 3G it was pretty good my husband check out in the mobile online shop and found out that today early in the morning was the launched and available in the market here in our place. I am going to look this iPhone 3G this evening and don’t know if I could buy one at this time or maybe I could wait that the price will drop down, but I heard is now lower price. Should I get one? (lol) As you know, I am a woman who is looking price sale. I am not buying things on a high price I wait the things if that will drop down meaning “SALE” I am practical woman, I am not so extravagant woman ha-ha-ha I know how to deal it.

Greetings To Everyone

Hello folks, before I sign off tonight and go to bed I want to say you thank you for peeking my page and see you later on in your page, I’ll visit you. Don’t hesitate to leave a note in my message box or in my comments box so that I can pay you back. Wish you had a great day or good night.

Affordable Complete Prescription Eyeglasses

You know that I am looking eyeglasses for my husband. He needs absolutely a new one because his old one it has many scratches and that was so expensive that is why I am the one looking new eyeglasses for him, which is affordable good quality eyeglasses. I am glad I found this zennioptical.com called Zenni Optical has nice complete prescription eyeglasses from $8.00. They have variety selection of high quality, durable, fashionable and stylish frames that fit to your face, safety, secure and comfortable. The stylish frames with single visions lens, bifocal lens, progressive lens, tinted sunglasses lens, sun sensor (potochromic) lens at high standard quality at affordable prices. I am surely I should get one for my husband because he need a new one.

Lucky Day

Today my baby and I went shopping and took a little walked by our village. I bought some pairs of summer outfit and one pair shoes. I was lucky there were still one pair’s shoes that fit to me. WE went home then when I open my computer and open emails there are awaiting opps for me, it is really my lucky day. I will do finish my assignment tomorrow if I get a chance. This evening when my husband arrive from his work we are going then to the city just take some walk there and look around of what is interesting today in the city and check this new iPhone 3g in mobile phone center which was launched this early morning. I hope this would be lucky evening ha-ha-ha.

Monetize Your Blog

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In Testing Time

This morning when I woke and watching TV news in TFC (The Filipino Channel) I found the oil prices now are getting higher and rice prices too are getting higher. Asian people could not live without this rice specially to those poor people they only depend their self just eating rice everyday. We are now in testing time, there are many calamity happening in our surroundings, which so sad to hear those bad news. Anyway not just Philippines encounter crisis there are many countries too are encountering crisis but hopefully these crisis that we are facing now in our country will be solve and have peace and unity. Let us fight for tomorrow our future, future for children and grandchildren and don’t forget to ask from above all, all are possible to HIM, without believing in him it is impossible to please.

Money Train

Folks did you heard about the Money Train? Actually I do not know exactly what this is an old movie(1995) Money Train a couples of years ago, this is a movie starring Jennifer Lopez, the first movie of her and first roles and another starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. This is what I am watching now in television. If you want to know more money train check it out at http://www.tvguide.com/movies/money-train/130996 and you can check it out here in this site for TV guide and the latest videos on the web.

Fresh Lilies

Do you like Lilies? I really love Lily flower, they hold within 1 week. It has variety of color, yellow, white, orange, pink and red. This is the focus photo my beautiful fresh self picked lilies past weekend. It was affordable price buying fresh self-pick Lily flowers. Look at the photos, that are so fresh and it seems look like plastic, right? Hmm that is not plastic, that real Lily flower.

Beautiful Prescription Eyeglass

My husband could not work without wearing his eyeglass. His old eyeglass is not good anymore and the frame of his eyeglass is look different color now. I planned to buy a new one eyeglass for him I am glad I discover zennioptical.com that sells stylish prescription glasses online. They have huge selection of high quality eyeglasses, stylish beautiful frames with line single vision lens, tinted sunglass lens, progressive lens and many more that I can find for my husband eyeglass at low cost price. They have also variety selection of popular eyeglass models at all affordable prices. I should get one soon.

"Hancock" Another Super Hero

Another Super Hero, the “Hancock”, couple of days now is showing in Cinema. Hollywood star wanting Smith has proved his attractive power in the US-film cashes once more. The great hero's parody "Hancock" with Smith as a hero has played in over 66 million fr on the weekend.
I am going to watch this movie with my girlfriends. Supposed to be last week we were in cinema, due we were busy and some of my friends were busy too we decided not to go in cinema last week. Maybe this coming week or maybe at the third week of this month we are going to watch this movie.

Laptop Computers

My husband still using his old laptop he wanted to have a new laptop. Many years using his laptop in couple of weeks ago, he decided to look a new one laptop and decide to buy if he could find a good one. I discover in shopwiki.com that gives everything or anything of what I am looking for using their search option. I found out they have laptop computers buying guide comparing prices and reviews. I discover they have variety selection of laptop computers such as Hp, Toshiba, Dell and apple laptops. The most I want to recommend to my husband this apple laptops Certified Pre-Owned Aluminum PowerBook G4/1.67 GHz 17-inchpowerbook widescreen display. I think this is perfect for him for his work as an IT. If he would not like I want to try to show him or recommend huge selection of HP laptop that he can choose which the best laptop that he like is. I think this is the best deal for him; he could choose which is the best laptop and best quality for his work.

Did you find your laptop computers? Find out ShopWiki the best shopping online this is the right place that you will find everything or anything that you are looking for.Check out their huge selection of laptop computer Toshiba laptops, dell, Hp and apple laptops. Just click the link that I added.

Nursery Rhymes Mp3

My last entry I talked about that I search online mp3 nursery rhymes. I found nursery rhymes mp3 at 1stnurseryrhymes.com for children/toddler is downloadable free no need to pay. There are a lot of mp3, more over 80 mp3 listed that you can choose any mp3 nursery rhymes. Check out the site that I added, it is helpful for you to save money for your children needs. Have a nice day.

Searching Nursery Rhymes

This evening we went to grocery and bought some food for the next week and I bought leather handbag, is quite big bag good for mommies bag. After I arranged the foods to our refrigerator, I planned to search mp3 nursery rhymes for my baby boy, which is ideal to my baby now to learn so much more nursery music, as he started learning vowels with consonant. He speaks now a lot and now more sounds and sometimes he is trying hard makes another sound from his mouth that makes us so proud and so happy being parents. I want to search now and see you later on. Have a nice weekend.

Famous Landmark In Gran Canaria

Our unforgettable and amazing vacation in Gran Canaria, I could not forget this amazing Roque Nublo, which is necessary to see when you where in Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is the one paradise of Canary Island, the one popular tourist destinations of European people. It has many to offers that you will really enjoy and unforgettable vacations in this paradise island that worth to visit. The island has sand dunes, amazing beaches, mountains, camel ride, flora and fauna, volcanic craters, theme parks, green valleys and Roque Nublo meaning in Spanish the „Rock Clouded” is the one famous landmark in Gran Canaria and one of the tallest in the archipelago wich is a must see. Elevation 1,813 m ranking it second on the island.

Funny Cats

Do you have some fun today? Do you like cat? I do like cat. They are so cute and funny. I want to share funny cats video. Watch out the video this is for you.

Convertible Car Rentals

Summer is here, it is time to have a vacation to the coolest city. Let us have city tours or visiting tourist attraction place to place. In vacation we wanted to feel relax and feel comfortable roam around the city and wanted to have memorable vacation tours. Sometimes riding a train or bus when is in the middle of traffic is so disgusting specially waiting a bus or train, it could be wasting time. When I am looking cheap car rental I discover advantage.com that you can find discount car rental offer of up to a 50% discount on luxury and convertible car rentals that suit all your travel needs that makes you comfort and easy to go everywhere without hassles. They are offering cool deals in this hot summer on last minute specials location in beautiful city from Las Vegas to Chicago. Find out more car rental specials deals this hot summer; just click the link that added.

Amazing Hotel

Do you know this? Drainage pipe that you can possible to sleep with comfort. This afternoon I had nothing to do, I browse online hotel accommodation for vacation, I discover 10-ton segment of drainage pipe hotel. Amazing hotel, right? It seems it is interesting hotel.

I Luanched My Travel Blog

I finished fixing important links and uploading entries in my travel blog. This morning I lunched my travel blog is now open to the public. To those who have travel blog the same travel blog category of mine, I want to exchange links with you. Do not hesitate to leave your message just tell me and I will add you then in my travel blog be sure is travel category. Have a nice day everyone.