Pairs Of Boots

Winter is just around. Few days ago, we’re having snow. Now it is time to wear winter clothes, caps, hand cloves, thick sock and boots to protect you from coldness.

Yesterday before I went to cinema and I prepared my shoes to wear but because is cold nowadays and we have snow outside a pairs of boots caught me up. As you know that, I like to wear boots because it is fashionable and because I feel comfortable and it is good for coldness. I thought to take photos to share of you guys…

Just for sports and hiking boots

Pairs of boots for parties...

Beautiful Weather Says Good-bye

Oh my, now the snow is coming. As what I have heard the news today and read the magazine the snow is coming sooner.

After having nice weather on weekend, the winter announces itself now. It becomes off tomorrow cold, ugly and wet. The snow can’t wait the time. October showed up from its most beautiful time. Also on the last weekend of the month, the weather in most parts of Switzerland presented itself again the late summer. With the October end now, however the beautiful weather says good-bye.

Tuesday starts tomorrow the cap and Hands cloves is the time to wear. The weather becomes changeful and occasionally wet.

The temperatures roll up to 8 degrees Celsius, on Wednesday up to 4 degrees Celsius. The snow limit falls on 500 to 700 meters high.

On Thursday the snow probably it’s begin in the low land.

I am so excited again having snow in our surrounding I want to play with my son as he can already walk and run around. Nyay! Sooner we are going to go snow sledging. This is so exciting!

Roof Lights And Sky Lights

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I hope this information will help you to find your natural light solutions a natural lighting in your home. Just click the link that I added for your further details.

Patiently Wait

Tomorrow morning is my mom flight going back to Philippines to our homeland. It is hard to say goodbye to my mom but that the reality that I must accept it. That is the life being married woman must not always with mom and must stand with own family. It’s hard to be far away in my homeland and my parents and siblings but that’s the life being a wife of foreign man that I already accept it that’s the life being a wife and being mom to a adorable boy. I can wait next year for our vacation in the Philippines to see again my mom and my dad my siblings and my friends and that I can meet again my sister back from States is just months to go then I’ll be there next year in the Philippines with my husband and son. This only need patient…I patiently wait the day will come to meet them.

Happy 26th Birthday To My Sister

She’s my good sister my fighter and my best of friends where I can share my personal problems that I can lend on and cry on.

Today is her (my sister Gen) 26th birthday.

I just want to say to my sister Happy Happy Birthday Sis, wishing you all the best and the entire above wish you always in good health and happiness in your life. Big Hug…..

This is the blog of here just click it...

Golden October

Here in Switzerland, at this month we experienced golden October during the past days experiencing nice weather. However, with temperatures from up to 23 degrees Celsius it is over this coming Thursday as what I have heard in Television weather news update this evening. Oh my! The golden October is saying now goodbye…

Tomorrow it will be Wednesday temperatures of more than 20 degrees might be measured in many places in Switzerland once again. On Thursday, a cold front finishes golden October. It becomes cloudy and rainy. The snowfall border drops until about 1500 metres.

By the way, we’re almost in the middle of the month and meaning that my birthday is fast approaching. This Friday I have visitors as advanced birthday celebration and despidida party or goodbye party (farewell party) for my mom back to Philippines.

Amazing Mountains

It’s been a week now since I update my blog. I have so many pictures to share of you here but few days ago, I was quite busy for preparing something for christening, organized and preparing christening favors just click it here to view the christening favors and it was successful christening happened and that was on Sunday. I shared some photos in Simply Amazing blog in christening of my son just click the link to view the photos.

Anyway, this is I wanted to share yah all, the photos that I’ve took during the day of christening of my baby, the weather was great. When we were on the way to go back home from christening this was what we had seen. So now hold your breath....!!!!

These was by the field on the way to Schuepberg to Muenchebuchsee Village in Bern Canton…..

It was few days ago before the christening of my son was snoway at night that’s why the mountains now are full of snow.

Young At Heart

Yuppey! Christmas is coming. We are now closer the day of Christmas. We could start now to count on the days to Christmas. Yey! Meaning also that the weather getting too cold now, yeah know! Time flies so fast. There are lot happenings each one of us everyday busy working and busy doing our chores and we are getting older we could not notice that the time is running so quickly. Ay, I am having birthday this month, I am getting older now and soon my age are not already in calendar but you know age are only numbers we say that doesn’t matter the age as long as your heart still young. Anyway, I am so excited everyday and the next days come. I do not know why… (laugh) what about you, are you excited too?