Young At Heart

Yuppey! Christmas is coming. We are now closer the day of Christmas. We could start now to count on the days to Christmas. Yey! Meaning also that the weather getting too cold now, yeah know! Time flies so fast. There are lot happenings each one of us everyday busy working and busy doing our chores and we are getting older we could not notice that the time is running so quickly. Ay, I am having birthday this month, I am getting older now and soon my age are not already in calendar but you know age are only numbers we say that doesn’t matter the age as long as your heart still young. Anyway, I am so excited everyday and the next days come. I do not know why… (laugh) what about you, are you excited too?

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kbguy said...

Christmas is almost 2 months away..
btw, I like your photos. They do look nice..