Patiently Wait

Tomorrow morning is my mom flight going back to Philippines to our homeland. It is hard to say goodbye to my mom but that the reality that I must accept it. That is the life being married woman must not always with mom and must stand with own family. It’s hard to be far away in my homeland and my parents and siblings but that’s the life being a wife of foreign man that I already accept it that’s the life being a wife and being mom to a adorable boy. I can wait next year for our vacation in the Philippines to see again my mom and my dad my siblings and my friends and that I can meet again my sister back from States is just months to go then I’ll be there next year in the Philippines with my husband and son. This only need patient…I patiently wait the day will come to meet them.

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sheilamarie said...

i can understand completely. i miss my family too.

i myself am married to a foreigner, and although he says he wants to settle down in pinas someday, he has this wanderlust and likes to accept jobs outside our country :P so i have to content myself with an annual visit to pinas/my dad.

i'm so longing to go home already... i'm just pining for home