Good Night Folks

Hello friend, co-bloggers and readers. I want to say to you all “Good night” “Have a great Monday” folks, I am going to sign off now going to sleep it is so late now here. Tomorrow I need to up early, my friend invited me to join the birthday party of her son, I want say you all, see you tomorrow on your page, so, just leave a note in my comment box or in my tagboard. Have a great night! Cioa tschüsss..

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The World’s first revolving Restaurant Piz Gloria Schilthorn

Photos were in schilthorn Restaurant "The world’s first revolving restaurant" that arranged on two revolving solar power platforms. While the restaurant slowly turns, we enjoyed the panoramic view from our seat, we saw the known Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, to Mont Blanc and far across the Mittelland to the Black Forest and more than 200 mountain peaks, lakes and glaciers. It was fantastic day and great experienced we were in the world’s first highest revolving restaurant Piz Gloria Schilthorn were the famous Bond film “On Her Majesty's Secret Service” and the famous for champagne Bond breakfasts and which is also the longest aerial cable way in the Alps Schilthorn Piz Gloria. It was my 1st week in Switzerland my husband brought me here in Schilthorn Piz Gloria. The second tour with my sister and brother we brought them too during their visit in Switzerland.

My bro, sis, me and my husband

at the front of restaurant
Behind me is the restaurant that you can see a glass.

Curry Mushrooms Soup

This evening while my baby was playing alone, I got a chance to cook curry Mushroom soup for my husband. I was glad when I opened our ref there are still fresh mushrooms. I just put a little bit water with curry crème and boiled in a minutes then I put a little bit vegetables seasoning then I put mushrooms and let him a little bit boiled then my husband said “perfect taste”. I prepared for him for main menu “ravioli food” a traditional Italian Pasta which filling with spinach and cheese hmm it was yummy! I forgot to took a photo of ravioli.

Magnetic Therapy Products

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Simple Celebration Of My Husband Birthday

Last night I thought I could not do blogging today. Yesterday afternon, I threw up started 4:00 PM many times until 1:00 AM all what I had ate yesterday was all came out. I was sick and something I was having a fever but today I am glad my feeling now is ok. I did not work this morning I choose stayed at home and at the noontime my husband, baby CD and I went to restaurant and we had delicious food. Yesterday we didn’t celebrated of my husband birthday because I was not feeling well and today at noon time we celebrated his birthday, even that was just simple and quick were in restaurant but we enjoyed our foods and contented.

Perfect Mothers Day Gifts

Mother’s day is fast approaching. As of now, I did not send pictures of my baby to my mom in Philippines. My mom just saw of her 1st grandson only on webcam when we were chatted. I was browsing today for mothers day gift ideas I am glad I found, which I can create and make beautiful artwork photograph of my baby boy, this would be great mother’s day gift ideas to my mom back to Philippines and to my mom in-law, as they like to collect the photos of my baby boy., they have varieties of mothers day gift ideas, which are unique for mother’s day gift. The site is easy to use and over 30 art styles including Oil, modern art, watercolor, pop art, collages and many more that you can choose which you can make the best and perfect gift for your mother. You can use also your vacation photo, wedding photo, a beloved pet, a family portrait or anything your mom loves. Create now your mother’s day gifts at just click the link that I provided.

Horseback Riding

The unforgettable experienced horseback riding South of France in Stes Maries De La Mer couples of years ago. These were during our vacation in south of France at some 100 km west of the city of Marseille. It is an excellent way to get to know the famous Camargue cowboys and their livestock.
St. Maries de la Mer is situated on the Mediterranean coast in the Heart of Camargue's Parc Naturel (nature park). The Camargue is also known white horses, the Camargue is also a real bird paradise.

My husband took photo while he was riding too! Arround in the "etangs" (ponds) Stes Maries De La Mer

Happy Easter To All

Before I sign off to go back to my bed to have sleep because is almost 1 AM now here in our place, I want to say to all my readers of my blog, Happy Easter Everyone! Enjoy the holiday and May God Bless Us all. Have a good Easter!

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Google Spring Logo

Wow, the spring is just around! Today is the 1st day of spring. Let us celebrate the 1st day of spring. When I was browing-using Google, I noticed their new logo. This is means that the spring is here. I like this spring Google logo because with flowers tulips and look so lively. I am glad is the spring is here. The weather here is getting better and better like today is a sunny day! I hope this weekend is perfect weather until Monday because my husbands do not have work and we wanted to stroll around here in our place. We do not have plan yet where we are going but I am sure this Easter season we will enjoy!

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I Started My Work

Few days ago, I mentioned here in my blog that I am going back to my old work and today I started my work it was pretty doing well. My chief was so happy again that I go back my work and the kids missed me so much and I missed them too. Maybe you wondered why I mentioned “kids” actually; I am working in Kindergarten that is why I mentioned “kids”. I knew how they missed me so terribly. I missed them too. I stopped my work last year due to my situation because I was pregnant of my little baby boy and today I started again. I am so happy to go back again my work, but this time I just work within three hours in every Wednesday and that is enough for me because I have also a baby boy he need my attention. I work it just for fun and I need too to encounter more people especially I need to learn more their language. In kindergarten, we sing a song Swiss german and speak swiss german too. I learned fast their song and I can understand more now too their Swiss dialect of Swiss people but I need more to learn their dialect.

Photo above took today during our snack time at my work with cute kids.

Check Your Blog Rank Through

Since I joined in blogosphere world, few months ago when I opened my email, I received an email from I am not so familiar of what this page ranking is. I am not old in blogging yet I do not even know how to customize my blog and eventually I learned it and I found it there is also a way on how to know customize my blog and I found it there is also a way on how to know my rank by looking up online. Having a blog rank is encouraging and even myself makes me wanted to update my blog often as I can. Blogging is fun and besides I can show my pictures of my baby and my parents can see him even they are far away and it can give them updates how big is their grandson is. When I was searching and browsing what page rank is and then I learned what the meaning of ranking. I was confused about my blog rank, therefore, I signed up in to get my real rank and I found it is very good one and it is interesting and its calculate page views in your blog. However, one of the paid post (PPP) using this Izearanks for bloggers real ranks. Furthermore, Izearanks which is based on real traffic measuring your real visitor in your blog of your unique visitors of the day or page views of the day. It is just so easy to use and you will know your real blog rank everyday. This blog rank designed for bloggers and for the advertisers in blogosphere world. Did you know your real rank of your website? Get your real rank now at or if you wanted to compare to other blogs, check this IZEA blog rank guys and sign up and post some comments and have fun!

The Weather Update Today

Hello friends and co-bloggers. How day? My baby and I, our day was not so special, we just stayed at home because the weather today was so bad a little bit dark during the day time. At dawn time was started to rain and now so wet outside, while I am doing typing this entry I can still hear the drops of the rain on our window and it is quite windy too. My husband and I when we were out from the market store few hours ago, we thought snowy but that was not the snow it was the rain falls. Tomorrow the weather again is warm as what we heard the news in Television. I do not know what I should do for tomorrow with my baby; maybe we are going out and go to the mall to have a little bit shopping (lol) nearby our village or maybe going to the park have some fresh air again. Ew! (lol)

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In Papiliorama Experience The Countless Butterflies That Fly Freely Arround You

Yesterday my husband, baby and I, we went to Belpberg, we seen the amazing Alps Bernese Oberland, and today morning we were with our friends and we are glad to bond again with them because it was few months we did not see each other. We went with them today in a unique tropical paradise “the Papiliorama” a fascinating exotic world. Inside the one dome are countless colourful butterflies that fly freely around you, tropical trees, plants, and more that 15 species of palms and many nectars plants. The next dome, are mysterious nocturnal animals in a lush tropical forest of the southern and central Americas. A Nocturama is quite a unique exhibit and the new domes the “jungle trek” that new built and was open last Friday. The day was so good, we enjoyed our day and it was great experienced together with friends visiting to this Papiliorama Park.

My husband, my sis and I, visited last year in Papiliorama.

Last year we were with my sis, my bro in-law visited this Papiliorama, and when the husband of my sis saw the big fish then he said, “The ugliest fish he saw in his life” (lol). It was so funny us as what he was saying about this fish in Papiliorama.

Photo below took today.

Feeling cute. (lol)

with my adorable baby.

With my good friend Robi, she is a pinay(filipina), she is in 22 weeks pregnancy period.

The Larva

A Perfect Office Room For My Husband

Today my husband and I with our baby we went to the city and after that we called to the woman, who owned the office room that my husband wants to rent. The office room is beautiful and a little bit big which is perfect for him even he is alone and because we planned also if I could visit him with our baby, there are a little bit places for a baby to play. We like this office room because is nearby to my work place too. ew! We are so lucky we found this office room for his work. Tomorrow my husband will call again to the woman and say that he will rent this office room and by that, sooner I can go back to my old work too! My husband gives me a chance that I can work within three hours and he is the one to look our baby while I am working and he just stay at his office too. Yupeyy! I am glad I can earn money of my own work. I am so happy all about this because I can work again with the kids and maybe sometimes, I can bring my baby to my work too. This is just my update today.

Caravan Site In Scotland

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I Am So Excited For My Mom

Time happens so fast! Spring is just few weeks away. The flowers start to blooms and the leaves start to grow. This is I am waiting about my mom. I am so excited and overwhelmed because I think that sooner we are together my mom. My husband and I had a planned to invite my mom to come over her and visit us. This weekend we will look for airplane ticket for her, we need first to get the airplane ticket before she gets the VISA because that is the one requirement of the embassy. I hope that she can get then the VISA and she can do alone to travel with the plane because this will be her first time to travel abroad, she is feel nervous about it about this but I knew she could. I am so excited for my mom that she is coming soon here and have a fun with her. I cannot wait to see her again. I am missing terribly to my whole family my mom, my dad, my one sis and my brothers back to the Philippines but we just can affords now only one person to come here in our place. Now the airlines ticket are getting so expensive and we are planning to have a vacation then when she arrives here. Let us see then folks!

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Swiss Miniature in Melide

The Swiss miniature Park in Tecino, Switzerland. This is the best thing being here that experience to ride with a miniature train and see the houses, buildings, churches, mountains miniatures that the most fantastic places and the most important buildings in this fantastic land! However, is miniature but you're feeling like you tour around Switzerland. It was great being there with my sister, my brother and my husband. We had a lot of fun looking those things and amazing artistic miniatures.

With My sis and my husband, we are look like giant! Picture at the top is my sister and brother at the same place.

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Aeschi Restaurant

This is the salad I had in Aeschi restaurant during our stays even for a snack time but I convinced to my husband to have a salad because I missed to eat different salad in one plate. It was quite a lot but I was glad I had a saver! (lol) my husband finished eating the rest of my salad. The salad was colourful and of course was perfect taste sauce and perfect taste salad. The best taste, which was amazing picturesque where you can see from our table where we sat down the lake and the town of Thun while we were eating.

More story we were in Aeschi place just click it here Aeschi

Cozy Homewares Affordable Price

Last week my husband and I planning to have new shower curtains because our curtains are not look nice now! When I was browsing today, I am glad I found, they sell fabric shower curtains that I can choose different colors that suit to our bathroom that looks beautiful and classy. They offer also reusable cotton shopping bags made of strong cottons and by using that, I could help also to protect our environment. If I want also a gift certificate, I can purchase a gift certificate too in their website. it is good shopping online because their site are look professional, they accept credit cards, and their products are affordable price. For more information about this check their website now, just click the link that I provided.

What Kind of Wine Am I? by blogthings

A tag from my friend Francine of What kind of wine am I, I did test my self and here is the result I am a Chardonnay wine (lol). Very fun questions and I enjoyed answering! I'm passing this tag to all my co-bloggers. how about you guys? Tell me of what kind of wine you are! Test yourself in blogthings and enjoy answering the questions.

You Are Chardonnay

Fresh, spirited, and classic - you have many facets to your personality.
You can be sweet and light. Or deep and complex.
You have a little bit of something to offer everyone... no wonder you're so popular.
Approachable and never smug, you are easy to get to know (and love!).

Deep down you are: Dependable and modest

Your partying style: Understated and polite
Your company is enjoyed best with: Cold or wild meat

Fun Number Plates

I like to do scrapping a lot, since I got scrapping book software and I designed our pictures and I am just browsing online today about scrapping but I end up in this number plates website.
This, which I can create number plates, road plates, show plates, bike plates, and novelty and fun plates design whatever you like. I tried out to create the bike plates, which are good for my husband because he had a bike and he want his bike look rocky and unique one and memorable plates for him. I choose the good color of the font that suit to his bike and color for the number plates. It is easy to use and to creates of bikes plates and lots of fun decorating of these plates. I can choose different background, which I really like. Let us have some fun creating and making your favorites plates. This it is a leading online plate supplier for custom vehicle number plates and standard number plates to date and they have the most innovative number plate designers, which is ready that you can use. They have higher quality service, customer in just the comfort of your home. In addition, you can design your plates how you want it look like or you want in their plate builder. You can buy or order from them which you created through their number plates website and they have 3 different payment methods which are secure payments and you do not need to worry about your credit cardsIf you want for further information about them and their website, check it now!

The Current Reading

This tag is quite so late now. I recieved this from Lis, I decided to post it here.
The rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages). 2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence. 4. Post the next three sentences. 5. Tag five people.

The book nearest to me is “I love you” by: Gordon O. Martinborough. I gave this book as a gift to my husband during his first visit in Philippines. The book “I love you” this all about the love, relationship of husband and wife or family relationship and girlfriend and boyfriend relationship and the relationship to God. It is also about gaining insight through love and faith. This book teaches us how to relate biblical faith to family life. How to hold on to love through life’s difficulties. How to practice truth and develop a character like Jesus.

Anyway, this is the sentence in page 123 in the fifth sentence.
“They produce the evidence of Colosians 2:3-17.”

I'm tagging this to all my co-bloggers.

Flightdeck Customer Relationship Management System

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Palmitos Park, Gran Canaria Island, Spain

This was in Grand Canaria Spain during our vacation. This was during our visit in Palmitos Park. This was stolen shot, the photographer was hiding in a little house (bahay kubo in Philippines a native house) which I do not realized that they will caught me why I was looking the parrot birds! It was so amazing birds and friendly they will never fly even you are so near them, even you touch them. They are so cute and they big parrot. My husband he was behind me on the photo he was shocked is not good photo that is why we did not get the photo of him, unlike me I was good not so shocked of this photo. In Palmitos Park, they have different exhibition show, like bird of frey exhibition, eagles, falcons and several species of owls, along with other bird of prey in free flight will perform spectacular aerobatics show. They have Parrot exhibition, which is strikingly colorful exhibition, which is so gracious performance of cockatoos and parrots showing off their skills and intelligence and the exotic bird exhibition including marabous, ibises, spoonbills, the cheeky Kookaburrahs and the gracious flight of our parrots. That was great show and great experienced that we saw this exhibition of birds.
In Palmitos park, you can see there are many different kinds of animals too that you will enjoy and meet the Meerkats animal, which is so cute and very funny to see them while they are playing.

view from theater during the birds show!
experience to hold the big parot this was during the show!
oi folks these are real parot! (lol) this was in studio by park!
The Meerkats, so cute!

Cheap Spain Hotels

My husband and I love to go in Spain annually for a vacation. I like to visit romantic places together with my husband and as I can recall our vacation in Spain many times a couple of years ago, which was so romantic and very unforgettable moment for us. This year, we are planning again to have a vacation in there. I am thankful I found this cheap Spain hotels. They have a lot to offers, lowest price guaranteed. In Barcelona, it is nice to go back there because it is nice place, historic, entertainment venues, culture, art galleries, fashion and amazing buildings works by Antoni Gaudi, which I want to explore more in this place. I am glad that they have cheap hotels in Barcelona, which are near by the centre, quiet square and near by park. This is the right place to spend together with my wonderful family.
In Madrid I never been there, it might be someday we will visit this historic city which I heard from my friends they have amazing buildings too. It is great I found the cheap Madrid hotels with good accommodations, which is also near by park, quiet and centre of Madrid too. This would be a great vacation to have experience in this amazing city! If you want to have a vacation in Spain just check their website now!

Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy

The statue Bust of Benvenuto Cellini "Master of the Goldsmiths"

This was in Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy during our vacations city tours. Ponte Vecchio as the name implies Old Bridge. It is the oldest bridge in Florence. It was destroyed by flooding in 1117 it was completely rebuilt in stone but collapsed again in terrible flood. It was again rebuilt for the last time 1345 with very wide spans, planned with room for shops on either side. They built the picturesque shops projecting over the river, supported by struts and brackets.
Now it is world famous for its jewellery shops, goldsmiths and silversmiths. This is the place best known of all Florence's treasures.

These are the photo my husband took.

Posed with gold (lol)
The river

Small Dog Breeds

My mother in-law she has a cute dog that I really love to play because is small dog, adorable and cuddly dog. When we visited at her house, the dog was so happy to see us again. My husband and I planning to have a small dog when we transfer to another flat. I am so thankful that I found that I can learn about the small dog breeds physical and behavioural characteristics, appearance and personality of the small dog. Through this small dog breeds website you will find the small dog which suit to you or the type of dog that you like. In addition, small dogs are great as you can carry and not a lot of cost feeding too. If you are looking small dog breeds, check their website now!

An Award From My Friends

I want to say thank you so much for passing this awards Sheng and Pinaymommy. Thru these awards makes my heart humble because of your both thoughtfulness and humbleness.

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Snow Today

From our Balkon
We never thought that in this month having a snow again here in our place because it is warm and sometimes I saw people wearing already a shirts but this is what we saw this morning when we opened our window it is already quite thick snow. Actually, here in our place like this month we still having a snow and sometimes until the month of April still snowy, but we thought not having again the snow today because last December and January it’s not to much snow and it is really dry winter, but we are wrong! The snowy season is back again!
When I was looking at the outside from our window, I felt that I am freezing! Brr! I like snow but this snow is so late now! I do not like as if the snow that will come back again in this time because it’s drives me crazy when I go outside with my little boy I need to pack him with more jacket
and pack things for him.

View from our Kitchen