In Papiliorama Experience The Countless Butterflies That Fly Freely Arround You

Yesterday my husband, baby and I, we went to Belpberg, we seen the amazing Alps Bernese Oberland, and today morning we were with our friends and we are glad to bond again with them because it was few months we did not see each other. We went with them today in a unique tropical paradise “the Papiliorama” a fascinating exotic world. Inside the one dome are countless colourful butterflies that fly freely around you, tropical trees, plants, and more that 15 species of palms and many nectars plants. The next dome, are mysterious nocturnal animals in a lush tropical forest of the southern and central Americas. A Nocturama is quite a unique exhibit and the new domes the “jungle trek” that new built and was open last Friday. The day was so good, we enjoyed our day and it was great experienced together with friends visiting to this Papiliorama Park.

My husband, my sis and I, visited last year in Papiliorama.

Last year we were with my sis, my bro in-law visited this Papiliorama, and when the husband of my sis saw the big fish then he said, “The ugliest fish he saw in his life” (lol). It was so funny us as what he was saying about this fish in Papiliorama.

Photo below took today.

Feeling cute. (lol)

with my adorable baby.

With my good friend Robi, she is a pinay(filipina), she is in 22 weeks pregnancy period.

The Larva


Princess said...

cool pics, wafa! got tag for you!

laradee said...

Just visiting here and reading some. Have a good sunday!

Bless said...

wow so many butterflies :-) I went to a butterfly sanctuary before in Georgia, it was awesome!

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hi, how are you. i added you up already. happy monday.

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very nice photos...:)