Photo Book

Oh, what a bundle of pictures I uploaded today for my mom travel photo book. I almost have done doing it, writing caption and arranging the photos. Sooner I send this to the service. I am glad that for 96 pages 596 photos in all I upload it at affordable price. I did this for my mom to have photo book travel here in Switzerland as a remembrance and to share to my siblings back in Philippines. Her flight is coming closer, oh yeah! I am sure I’ll miss my mom.

Time Goes By So Fast

.... It’s something just a blink of an eye and all of sudden he’s big, so grown up too fast… It’s seems that only yesterday I give birth to him but now he is big and sooner can walk with his own without any support.
This coming 2nd week of October he's turning 11 months old.

Picture Of The Day

I choose this photo from news to share in here. This could be great to share you all. It is fascinating news and great shots. What do you think folks?

This could be so heavy....want to carry?

Big China Harvest

With two bundles grain Playing this boy in Guiyang city China.

This could be a long journey...

Big Two Paddlers

Two canoeists on the way from the harbour of Saint Kilda Melbourne

Coloured surprise.....

These beach visitors were surprised in El Paso, Texas when suddenly a hot-air balloon rose behind the sandy dunes.

Photos from online news

Charice Pempengco And Celine Dion Duet

As what I have posted on my entry last September 10 in my other blog Simply Amazing about Charice Pempengco a young singer, a new Diva, gifted and had a powerful voice and achieving her greatest dream. Last week when she once again guested in Ophra Winfrey Show. Ophra surprised her to meet Celine Dion via satellite and recieved a proposal that Celine Dion will going to sing with her. Yes! in Madison Square Garden NYC finally Charice Pempengco duet with Celine Dion sang “Because You Loved Me” dedicated to her mother who was also in the audience.

Amazing voice!

At Last

Hi everyone, good day! How’s going on? Everything’s alright? how’s the weather there? If you ask question like that back on me, we had great weather today but little bit cold though and windy grrr as now we are entering the autumn season but anyway I had good day today, because I went to Philippine Embassy here in Bern to renew my passport and soon my new passport will arrive; at last, I applied to renew my passport today. So am ready to fly going back to Philippines to visit my whole family next year.

Anyway that is all for now, I have so many things to do in here to makes up something. Have a good day to you wherever you are around the globe.

Baby's Christening

Hello everyone, am here I am still breathing and alive (laugh). It has been awhile I did not post new entries, am just somewhat quite busy and full of appointment few days ago. Had lots to do everyday and with caring my baby and to do things house hold chores but I am also quite updating my other blogs and dropping my EC here and my other blogs. Furthermore I have now to focus my baby’s christening to organized important things for christening this coming October but this is so easy and simple because only my family of my husband, my mom, god father and god mother of my son will attend to this christening.

Anyway, check my latest photos in my Everything Simply Amazing blog check40th b-day celebrationof my good friend, wearing 60’s attire. It was fun night and great celebration.

Busy Days

Weekday it was a busy days the weekend was also a busy days. Despite of my busy days I have short time and chance to update my blogs and dropping my EC to those who were also dropped their EC, thanks gurls, surely I drop my EC then when you drop too.
This morning my husband and I went to the city and bought some things including envelope for invitation cards of my baby christening for this coming October. In the afternoon my baby, my husband, my mom and I with my in-laws went to the hills in restaurant, had some snack, ice creams, teas and coffees, and had time to chitchat with them, which was so great together with them. Moreover, this coming Saturday is my friend 40th birthday celebration so at this time I am quite busy helping with her and I have so many appointment. Don’t worry folks for those who were dropping their EC I’ll drop mine too  so that’s all for now. Have a nice day wherever you are around the globe.

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Vote the Fascinating Filipina Love Story

Hi folks, I have something to ask you a favour I ask your support, this is my first time to ask your support here, hope you give your support to my sister. Please vote for my sister love story contest in this Blog just look in the right side bar Gen-gen name, and then check it and then click vote. Your vote would bring my sister to the first top and win I hope that… you are also free to read pinays stories who were married a foreign man and maybe if you were looking a foreign man maybe these give you encourage or it might be those stories are helpful and enlighten you. Thank you so much….

Hectic Schedule

Today it is 1st of September meaning that we were now on cold season. Time goes by so fast huh! Nowadays I have hectic schedule I have many appointment meeting of my friends practicing dancing for my friend presentation for her 40th birthday this coming 13th September. I am not the only one to dance noh! We were five women going to dance on the stage I hope this will going be pretty good. So folks just drop your EC I will drop mine too then. See you later on for more update. Have a great 1st September and week. Ciao tschüss…