New Year Eve

Hello my dear friends, It's been past 3 weeks that i didn't check my y360 blog, im just quiet busy and last January 4 after the new year, my family friend she confine in hospital and very serious her illness, she was in ICU within 5 days and now she recover her illness, she is good now, Praise GOD!
I don't know what I want to blog here, but i decided to post our new year party with my friends videos and pictures

Hope u will enjoy this.

My family friend, she was also there during the New Year Eve Party, we had have a lots of fun, dancing, singing and playing games. She is so funny of all her 3 sister. They are almost 25 yrs living here in Switzerland from now.

And during that time one of our friend her daughter was also birthday!

Watchout the videos, cover ur mouth hehehehe..!! Some videos are funny....Lols...pssssssttttttttttt...

1st video during eating time,, Brrrppp....!!!

2nd video, dancing time

3rd video, Singing Time

No video for games coz we are busy all playing hahahaha!!!

Watch out the slide show photos here:

I hope u enjoy veiwing my videos and slideshow photo... Thank you for always viewing and reading my blog, I am glad that u will always come back here in my page, all of you my friends, specially to those who are sincere of their friendship! hugs... thnxxx...!!!

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