Just Enjoying

Now, let us talk about shoes the new trends at this season. This summer season, every season has new trends and this summer 2009 has new trends, fashionable dress, shoes and bag. There is no excuse to wearing fashionable dress and shoes. I like fashion, I follow the fashion trends and that’s in my lives made me more motivate beautifying my self (*laugh*) and it is said that beauty is not just for is just for living, hmmm sound good right? I just enjoying my self, just live life to the fullest, do it what you want and do it where you are happy.

When it comes to fashion I love buying shoes, last Wednesday with my friends, were in shopping bought some shirts, dresses and shoes. This is what I bought…I like it,,,cool and simple yet sophisticated.

Planning Making Photo Album Online

It’s been awhile I thought to find a web hosting service. I want to make a photo album for my baby boy and to make a private blog, a blog just for my family and friends so far. Sharing photos and making blog its very fun, sharing precious moments to them and sharing some more thoughts to them as I am far of my parents and siblings. Making website for photo album its came to my mind I thought this is good idea as it is very easy to share photos for my family and friends.

I knew making website is not so easy to do and not so easy to find web hosting now as there are many web hosting online now, it is so a bit confusing to find one which is the best. I want web hosting affordable, perfect for personal website and just for a small business online as well as reliable and high quality services. Thanks that I found top 10 web hosting reviews with rating that helps me to find a reliable and high quality web hosting services at web hosting geeks.

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One Beautiful Afternoon

We had beautiful afternoon. My son and I attended mother’s day little party at my son gym school. It was a lot of desserts and snack on the table, also had drinks, teas and coffees. Baby Cedric enjoyed the moment with gym schoolmates. We- all mommies enjoyed doing handicraft works with babies. It just a beautiful afternoon that I had learned a lot for baby what they are going to learn during their toddler hood.

A Part Time Making Money At Home

Juhuu…I received my bucks from my double
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Spring Break

It’s again I am too late posting entries in my blog. I have only short time to sit down in front of my computer. It’s a kind a busy outing with my family last few days. You know when beautiful weather we just took advantage outing with my family and friends enjoying the day under the sun. Spring is sprung, surely, we had a lot of fun, love the surroundings were flowers blooms everywhere. Just enjoy with these fun spring anything what we things to do. These were the moments that I do not have enough to spend time too much in front of my computer.

Furthermore, Mother’s Day is getting very closer. My husband and I have planned out of town for just 2 days and night. We don’t have direction where to go but we have just planned out of town or maybe out of country maybe in the north of Switzerland either we attend the Filipino Mother’s day Party this Saturday night.

That is all for now folks, wish you have a great Monday to start a wonderful week.