The UEFFA Champion 2008

Today is the last day of month of June. The time goes by so fast, right? Huh! Last night was UEFFA cup 2008 championship, Spain was champion against Germany, lucky to the Spain, and both were good players. We have watched in television it was thrilled and it was surprising that Spain was champion UEFFA cup. Eviva EspaƱa!

Germany vs. Spain UEFFA Cup Championship 2008

Tonight is the championship of UEFFA cup 2008 German vs. Spain. It is so exciting football game championship that a must see whose football fans and a must awaited. I really like to watch this kind of game, so exciting and thrill that who will be win. While typing this entry the game already started and Spain got 1 point. I cannot say and judge that spain will be win because there are more times to go. Wow, let us see the championship UEFFA championship 2008. Now let me see folks the game. See you later.

Happy 90th Birthday

First, I want to say to my beloved grandmother in-law, Happy 90th Birthday! I wish more birthday’s to come and good health always.

Yeah folks, yesterday it was the 90th birthday of my grandmother in-law. We went to visit her yesterday we brought flowers and greetings to her and she told us she was in beautiful restaurant with her niece. Supposed to be a big celebration for her but as what she said she does not like to celebrate as a big celebration, she wants only to celebrate a simple celebration. At night after we visited her, we went to grocery we bought food for this coming week and something for my little boy and we bought some foods for tomorrow for a late simple celebration of my grandmother in-law birthday. We are just six people including my son. We wanted to have a grill food near by our flat in little park. My husband and I try out to bake cake for her as a birthday cake. My husband and I like baking than to buy on the bakery that is why we decided to bake a cake tomorrow for her as a birthday cake. I hope the cake will be good because this is our 4rth time to bake cake. Ok, those all for now folks see you later. Have a nice Saturday.

Happening Nowadays

Hello folks, weekend is getting closer, another weekend, time goes by so fast huh! We are now at the end of June. Summer here in our place is getting hotter now. What a global warming, it seems the mountains now are looking blue and not so much snow, usually there are still snow at the mountains even summer couples of years ago here in our place but now are melting and not so much glacier now. We have heard the news yesterday at night that every year the glaciers are getting shorter. Nowadays most of countries are facing crisis and encountered calamities. What that means? Are these all are having meaning? Let us pray all. Have a nice day, and have a good weekend in advance folks.

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon

Hello Folks, did you know this? The mummy return! The mummy: Tomb of the Dragon. This coming august is he premier. I am going to watch this in cinema maybe together my husband or maybe with my girlfriends. It seems this movie really on action all the time. I should not mess this movie, hmmm… Jet Li is here in this movie that I like the most. This is good movie I can say that.

Watch out the Thriller

The Glacier Village

Hi folks, howdy everyone? Summer is here, today is the 1st day of summer. It was a blast 1st day summer we had. We were in Gindelwarld. My husband, baby and I went to Grindelwald, the one tourist spot destination in Berner Oberland offers in summer and winter resort in every visitor. The place is also popular summer activity resorts, including hiking trails. The Grindelwald surrounded by the known Alps the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. Impressive great scenic environment lies in Bernese Oberland Swiss Valley located at the northern side of the Alps. A small village, which called “glacier village” and one of the Europe oldest mountain resort that can be reached by car around the place of Jungfrau area.

It was great trip and we enjoyed our day visiting this interesting place Grindelwald, which has a lot to offer village.
When we were backing home, we had dinner in Thailand Restaurant, we had delicious food. Hmmm… I can’t resist to eat a lot and my husband too.

Soon we will go back to visit in Grindelwald together my mom.
Now let me as you, how was your Saturday?

About the Photos, I will share you some photos when we were in Glacier gorge I will post later on in my other blog. Let me off at this time, I have headache now. I want to go to sleep now, so see you later on. Have a great day.

5.11 Gear

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Another Women's Night

Last night I was with my friends. Yes, it was our women’s night. It was another night of fun. We went in Cinema and watched the Indiana Jones Movie. I really enjoyed the movie, thrilled, fun and adventures. After our cinema around 10 PM, we went in Desperado Restaurant and bar which we love it the food and drinks. We spent a lot of time, drinking and eating and chitchat anything topics what comes into our minds. On that night we had really big laugh and a lot of fun. I enjoyed the night and full of memories from them. Before 12 midnight, we say each other good night and good-bye, see you next time everyone.

Night Shopping

At the afternoon baby and I took long nap. We just stood so late at the afternoon around 5 PM. At 6 PM my husband, baby and I went to grocery in shopping mall, we bought a lot of food for this coming week and after our grocery, I went to boutique I bought beautiful summer 4 pair clothes. My husband took a little window-shopping for his computer because he needs now a big screen for his computer but he could not find what he was looking for. I told him to go to the other shop, which is not in the shopping mall. We went to one shop but we could not find again, he told to me that he would find in the other shop tomorrow. While we were looking at the section of mobile phones, MP3, iPhone, iPod, we came across to the GPS section, we decided to bought one because is not expensive now and it is good one GPS brand Tomtom map share, One XLT, perfect, touchscreen, widescreen-satellite navigation system. After we paid that things my husband told me, we did not buy the computer screen but we bought the GPS. We bought of what we were not looking for. Ay! What a shopping night we had. We bought again not important things as this time.

My Top Rated 8.2 Ranks Blog

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Show photo below I marked check, that my blog.

Interview For My Mom To Get Tourist VISA

What an idle blog I have now. I could not update this blog everyday; it seems I am now in my busiest days. I have so many things to write in here but the time is though. I could not get a time sometimes to write the entry in this blog. Summer is just around, my baby is now bigger, and he wanted to play every time with me and went outside, walking around and sometimes went to the city or with my friends. In the other hand, we were busy arranged the document for embassy Switzerland in Manila past few weeks. At last, last Tuesday the documents was arrived in embassy manila and today this morning my brother called up to the embassy and my mother her interview scheduled will be next week she will going to embassy, to have interview, hope this will be going well. I am so excited to see her and come over here in my second homeland to visit me, my husband of course to my son, her 1st grand child. She is eager to see my son and the family of my husband too. I hope everything will be ok in embassy and approved her application then get her VISA. Let see folks. Cannot wait this…

Have A Great Weekend

Hi Folks, it is another weekend is another day and another lucky day all of us. Tomorrow, baby, my husband and I in the afternoon we are going to visit some friends of my husband. It is a little bit far from our place it is 1 hour to drive a car. I am hopping tomorrow will be nice weather because we are going to eat outside and have some grill food. Yummy… maybe we will be at home before midnight maybe around 10 o’clock in the evening here in our place. So see you later on folks. Have a great weekend. Enjoy!

Make New Friends At SocialSpark

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This is the one blogger profiles that I like, I like her blog Life Has A Lot To Offer because it is helpful site, she’s posting interesting stuff and her travel with her husband that’s makes me feel excited when I am looking there photos, which is interesting for me. I am looking forward to meet more friends through SocialSpark. How about you? Do you have profile now in socialspark? If not, sign up now this is your chance to make money by blogging and meet more friends.

Busy Day

It is almost 2 weeks now I didn’t update this blog. I just felt so tired updating this blog, lol I have so much things to do. Today it is my busy day, this morning I went to my work, the children are pretty doing well, they are silent they just did draw and played. It was doing well in the whole morning at lunchtime my husband fetched me in my work with my baby. When I was in our car back home, I remembered I have so many errands so many things to do this afternoon. We arrived at home the laundry was awaited to us. Arggg.. I was so hungry and I cooked quickly, I run there and here to look my baby while I am cooking. Arggg… you want to help me? Lolls…anyway those all for now, I have so many things to do today.