Night Shopping

At the afternoon baby and I took long nap. We just stood so late at the afternoon around 5 PM. At 6 PM my husband, baby and I went to grocery in shopping mall, we bought a lot of food for this coming week and after our grocery, I went to boutique I bought beautiful summer 4 pair clothes. My husband took a little window-shopping for his computer because he needs now a big screen for his computer but he could not find what he was looking for. I told him to go to the other shop, which is not in the shopping mall. We went to one shop but we could not find again, he told to me that he would find in the other shop tomorrow. While we were looking at the section of mobile phones, MP3, iPhone, iPod, we came across to the GPS section, we decided to bought one because is not expensive now and it is good one GPS brand Tomtom map share, One XLT, perfect, touchscreen, widescreen-satellite navigation system. After we paid that things my husband told me, we did not buy the computer screen but we bought the GPS. We bought of what we were not looking for. Ay! What a shopping night we had. We bought again not important things as this time.

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Lou said...

This always happens and sometimes too we go to the store to get something then we forget about it and we end up buying things we don't really need.