The Isola Bella

Isola Bella (Beautiful Island) one of Borromean Island located in Lake or Lago Maggiore in north Italy. Isola Bella is a full of history and there are a lot of valuable artefacts and antiques and one tourist destination and attraction in Lake Maggiore in North Italy. Inside of magnificent of Borromeo palace is collected a heap of antique, rugs, tapestry, porcelain and amazing furniture. Isola Bella or Beautiful Island also has a splendid typical Italian garden built on terraces.

The Isola Bella a peaceful and beautiful island that can astound you.

To get to Isola Bella there are many regular ferry boats from Laveno, Stresa, Bervano, Intra, and Pallanza.
Beautiful garden in Isola Bella

Beautiful Art garden Isola Bella

The Beautiful Island In Lago Maggiore

We had blast vacation happened us in Italy. Even just a short days we had wonderful vacation in the side of North Italy we had so much fun with my lalabs and my close with her son. It was unforgettable moments with them especially my close friends joined us our short vacation. It was my first time having vacation, which my close friend was with us. We visited some place of Italy where we stayed at Feriolo, Italy at Canca d’Oro village and rented maxi caravan, the village peaceful and comfortable to stay. We visited, Stresa and the popular tourist attraction named the Isola die Pescatori or Isola Superiore and beautiful Island, Isola bella the one of the Borromean Island in Lago Maggiore in north Italy.

The maxi caravan that we had rented with fully equipped air-conditioned, double bed room, bathroom with shower, sitting room plus dinette converts into double bed and kitchen provided with full size gas cooker, refrigerator, moka, and kitchen utensils for 6 persons. Each caravan has veranda with table and chairs.

The art and beautiful garden in the Isola Bella

Photo took one the garden near by Stresa by the port.

Just For Fashion

I am into clothes and shoes; I like to buy not always but sometimes-new trends I just follows trends wearing hottest trends right now. People here in our place (Berne) are fashionable, have style, beautiful color hair and beautiful shoes, clothes walking on the street. Even just going to the grocery wearing beautiful fashionable clothe or they’re in high fashion. What a heck every season you buy a new trends new fashion clothes and shoes.

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn."
by Gore Vidal

Just Short Vacation

Nyay August is here, watta time, is just like a blink of an eye then suddenly now in the 1st week of August. I feel so excited for a short vacation. I can’t wait. Feeling so exciting, we are gonna be visit interesting attraction wth my beloved man and baby Ced. My friend one, also, want to come with us with her son. We just go with our car for about almost 3 hours to drive our car going to our destination, this will be in north of Italy at the boundary of Switzerland by the lake of Lago Maggiore. So exciting.