Baby Ultrasound Photo last August 7

hiya friends here is my baby ultrasound photo.
When I saw clearly the face of my baby Im really so much happy I can't really express what my feeling. Im really so much excited to have my baby in my arms.
Look and see clearly my friends the ultrasound photo, the dad face or mom face? LOls...

We choosed the name of the Baby but I can't tell you from now on friends, I just want also surprised for yah! hehehe...

Sooner we are seeing each other, Im soooo excited!!!!

thanks for peeking here in my blog.

have a great day!


This afternoon, I have scheduled to my OB doctor for ultrasound. Every month I had scheduled to checked up the baby. Yeah, im so excited to see again my baby winking, moving and kicking, in my womb, oh so cute baby. I can't wait the baby come in this world, I can't wait to hug, kiss and carry my baby.It is 88 days to go it is my delivery date.
We bought already last Month of May a complete set for baby room and some clothes for the baby *wink* and these mobil set will be here on September and I am so excited to arrange all of these things for the baby.
Wanna post later on the picture about ultrasound of the baby if my OB doctor give that one.

And this lunch time, I cooked sphagetti with Basilicom sauce, Yes, I missed Sphagetti hmmm...this would be yummy yummy...It is 30 minutes now my husband coming home...I love to cook for my husband food. He ate what I cooked and what I put on the table..LOLs...he is not picky speaking about the FOOD. Im so lucky to have him very much. What could I ask for a man more, I am happy with him, he is the one that every woman wish.

Thats all for now my friends,
thnx for the visit my friends...hugs...
Have a great day!

Rhinefalls in Schaffhausen

"The Rhinefalls, the one largest Falls in Europe"

Yesterday I woke up so late 10:30 AM. The weather was so nice blue sky and it is so hot outside.
I had my breakfast my toast bread with my fave Ladys Choice Sandwich Spread and with 1 glass milk, my husband took his dark brown bread that is what he like always to eat early in the morning. Sometimes if he don't have anymore bread he will take my toast.
While we are having breakfast we just talked about the Rheinfalls in Schaufhausen in northest of Switzerland. Me and my husband we decided to go this place, even it is already late to go there, its takes 2 hours with the car. We did not drove our car, my husband afraid of the traffic coz is a quiet far. We arrived 2:00 in the afternoon, owww pretty good we are not so late. OMG there are many people(tourist) was there. The falls really unbelievable, really fantastic.

We took boat ride going to the panoramic view. It is not so expensive to ride the boat, u can afford it. While taking a boat trip into the basin below the cataracts you can feel the great power of the rushing water.

A boat trip either to the famous rock in the middle of the Falls with a short walk to the top, or across the river below the Falls or down the Rhine River are most exciting events. Starting from the medieval castle ‘Schloss Laufen’ a path leads down alongside the splashing water onto the lookout Känzeli enabling the visitor a breathtaking contact with the Falls.

It was really great day and adventured day for me. Even I have now big tummy I climbed up this famous rock of the middle of the Falls...huhhh...and it was great experienced for me.
This 2 photos here are took in famous rock of the middle of the Falls.

My tummy
is getting


im super so excited...

The Rhinefalls at Schaffhausen have only a height of 23 meters (70 feet), but with the width of 150 meters(457 feet) and an average waterflow in summer of 600 m3/per second , they are one of the most impressivefalls in Europe and the largest Falls in Europe

Rhinefalls information:

Width: 150 meters / 457 feet
Height: 23 meters / 70 feet
Depth of Pool: 13 meters / 40 feet
Age: 14'000 to 17'000 years
Average flow:
- summer: 600 m3/second
- winter: 250 m3/second
- lowest ever: 95 m3/second
- highest ever: 1250 m3/second

Happy Birtday Switzerland

Today is August 1st is a Birthday of Switzerland. It is National Holiday.
August 1, 1291 has been declared as Switzerland's birthday

As what I wrote in my last blog yesterday, Me and my husband with my friends we are going to go piknick as we celebrate the Switzerland day. We will drive a car within 45 minutes to go in this picknik area. We have so many food to grill and also we have pancit(noddles) adobong kangkong of course rice *smile* and for desserts...hmmm this would be yummy yummy.

This is the story of Switzerland past and today:

1. The growing phase of Switzerland (1291 - 1815):

The 3 states Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden - the so called "Ur-Kantone" unite against the surrounding aggressors. A citizen of each state swears on august, 1st 1291 on a small mountain named "Rütli":"we will be a one and only nation of brothers ..."This leads to the term confederation ("Eidgenossenschaft")
Luzern joins the Swiss Federation
Zürich joins the Swiss Federation
Glarus and Zug join the Swiss Federation
Bern joins the Swiss Federation - 8 states form the acht alten Orte ("eight old states")
Foundation of the university of Basel which later became the first university of Switzerland
Fribourg and Solothurn join the Swiss Federation
Beginning of a new area called "Renaissance", people become interested in science
Basel and Schaffhausen join the Swiss Federation
Appenzell joins the Swiss Federation
Beginning of the "Reformation"
Declaration of Independence - Switzerland becomes an independant Nation
Sankt Gallen, Graubünden, Thurgau, Ticino, Aargau and Vaud join the Swiss Federation
The Swiss Federation declares its neutrality
Valais, Neuchâtel and Genéve join the Swiss Federation - Switzerland gets its final boundaries.

The more recent history of Switzerland (1815 - today):

The Swiss Federation changes from a Union of States to a Confederation. Its first Federal Constitution ("Bundesverfassung") is set up.
Foundation of the International Red Cross (IKRK)
Start of the construction of the railway across the alps ("Gotthardbahn").
Opening of the "Gotthardbahn".
Swiss physician Auguste Piccard sets record when he reaches a height of 16'940 m with his balloon. This was the first ballon equipped with a preassure cabin.
Vaud (VD) was the first canton to give women the vote, followed by Neuchâtel (NE) (27-sep-1959) and Genève (GE) (6-mar-1960).
Jacques Piccard (son of Auguste Piccard mentioned above) sets record when he dives together with american Don Walsh in a Bathyscaphe (special type of submarine) called "Trieste" as low as 10'916 m below sea level.
Swiss people vote for the women's suffrage.
Some villages leave the state Bern and found the new state Jura.
The combined federal assembly ("Vereinigte Bundesversammlung") elected Elisabeth Kopp as the first woman as Bunderat (executive authority). Ms. Kopp had to step back on 12.1.1989 due to some possible illegal activities of her husband.
Appenzell Ausserrhoden (AR) was the last canton to give women the vote; Appenzell Innerrhoden (AI) had to be forced by the Swiss federal court ("Bundesgericht") to give women the vote (27-nov-1990).
Swiss people vote against becoming a member of the EEA (european economic area).
Claude Nicollier (born 2-sep-1944) takes off on board of the space shuttle Atlantis (ST-46) and becomes the first Swiss in space.

The combined federal assembly ("Vereinigte Bundesversammlung") elected Ruth Dreifuss as the second woman as Bunderat (executive authority).

Claude Nicollier's second journey on board of a space shuttle. The mission of Endeavour (STS-61) is seen as the most difficult one so far, the repair of the Hubble space telescope. It is Claude Nicollier's task to catch the telescope with the robotic arm of the space shuttle.
Ruth Dreifuss became the first female president of the Bundesrat ("Bundesratspräsident").

The combined federal assembly ("Vereinigte Bundesversammlung") elected Ruth Metzler as the third woman as Bunderat (executive authority). Ruth Metzler is 34 years young !

Swiss Scientist Bertrand Piccard (son of Jacques Piccard mentioned above) and british co-pilot Brian Jones have become the first balloonists to circumnavigate the globe with a non-stop, non-refuelled flight. It has taken the team 19 days, 21 hour and 55 minutes to travel the 46'759 km on board of Breitling-Orbiter 3.

Swiss people accept a new Federal Constitution ("Bundesverfassung") on a vote.
The Swiss people accept the bilateral contracts with the European Union, see for further information.
Finally, Switzerland is to join the United Nations. Today, both the people and cantons have accepted the popular initiative on Swiss membership of the United Nations.
Switzerland was declared a full member of the United Nations as recommended by UN's Security Council.
Team Alinghi - lead by the Swiss Ernesto Bertarelli - wins the 31st America's Cup in Auckland, New Zealand after a 5:0 victory over Team New Zealand. Team Alinghi makes history by bringing the America's Cup to Europe for the first time in 152 years.