My Sweet Little Boy

My son Cedric is 13 months old and at the 2nd week of January he turns 14 months old. It is so great when I wake up in the morning my baby Cedric flashing his smile on me and saying mommy and Dada. That’s make me feel so good and start my day so bright and shine. My baby Cedric grows so fast, healthy and strong. He is so sweet, huggable and kissable baby boy. It has seems just yesterday I gave birth to him suddenly he is big boy, run around in the house and talk with his Dad and mom’s. He loved to open the drawers and cabinets, making mess mom’s and dad’s things and he loved to jump and walk on the sofa when Dad and mom’s watching movies and TV shows and play in front, he is just so proud of his self that he can do this and that! He imitates what mom, Dad saying, and doing. He is clever boy lovable and so sweet. I am so grateful his part of our life and thankful to God that he gave me a lovable son. He is not crying baby, easy to be with and deal. Nyay. I love my sweet baby boy.

The Most Celebrated Ocassions Of The Year

Let’s celebrate the Christmas. Yes it is another happy Christmas once again everyone! The Christmas day is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year around the globe, which is the most wonderful time of the year.

Today it’s Christmas Eve, its one day to go then its Christmas day. Let’s enjoy the day and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Let’s enjoy with the family, friends and loved ones which is the spirit of Christmas.

Therefore, my dear readers, guest, visitors and co-bloggers wish you had a Merry Merry Christmas Everyone!

Let's Party...

Weekend it was party time. Filipina Choral group had Christmas Party and we attended the celebration. There are almost 2 hundred people attended including Swiss people. It was a lot of foods and desserts to eat and drinks. My husband liked the food as he told me. Baby Cedric was doing well and behave on the party until fall asleep on the arms on his Dad and before midnight, we came home. Moreover, in the next day before afternoon we attended another party the celebration of my daughter friends 1st month b-day and it was another food again and drinks. Yay! Even the month of December not done there are many parties to go. This weekend again and until New Year!

Have fun and enjoy the parties everyone …Merry Christmas!

Photo below took during the parties...

The Filipino Choral Group

My friend Malou, Me, my son Cedric and Rina

On the party of my friend

Juana Change

Folks, thought to share you what I have discovered last week. Last week I’ve watched one TV program in The Filipino Channel (TFC) one of the topic discussed about "Juana Change" and then I opened You Tube and searched “Juana Change” and this it is…

This is about politics Cha-Cha in Philippines.

Sexy Dark Brown Boots

As I don’t have pairs of color dark brown boots last Saturday I bought a new another sexy and beautiful dark brown boots to include my boots collection. I love it wearing boots, sexy and I feel comfort to wear and make my feet keep warm.

Check out my pairs of Boots in here...

Clinique 3 Step Skin Care

This is what I love it 3 step Skin care Clinique clarifying lotion for my skin. Its been 4 years now I am using it and it’s works very good. As I have oily skin I use this for face skin care, this helps clarify skins, makes me comfortable in the cheeks, oily in the T-zone, remove dirt and makes my skin smooth. I could not go to bed and outside without using this kind of skin care.

Christmas Wish List

Christmas day is getting closer and let us celebrates a time of love. I knew that every one of us has a Christmas wish. So what are your Christmas wish lists this year? Tell me I tell you mine… (smile). Quite expensive Christmas wish list I have this Christmas 2008. These are my 5 Christmas wish list 2008.

First a carpet to our floor for dinning table.

Second flight ticket back to Philippines as until now we did not book our flight to Philippines for vacation next year.
Third a new swim suit ready for vacation next year

Fourth Photoshop software
Last but not the least :-) Absolutely I want to have new digital camera, as my old digital camera was broke few weeks ago.

The new Nikon D90

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Dropping Entrecard

Dropping Entrecard is tough; my computer drives me so crazy when so slow. Sometimes makes my computer Hung up that makes me so irritate when I open the page/site there are a lot of pictures, slideshow, videos and music. There were times my computer affected many viruses because of things happening of some sites where bringing a virus. Arggg! But even though that happenings in my computer I’ll never stop dropping ECs. Entrecard is a great system, that helps your blogs known, helps to drive traffic, free advertising using Entrecard widget. I am thankful to EC droppers or users for taking time to visit my blogs and drop EC my 3 blogs now are on good rank.

So keep dropping, I follow you then. Wish you have a great day.

1st Birthday Party Photos

Folks see more photos during 1st birthday party of my baby boy are on now in my other blog just click my Everything Simply Amazing and you will be there.

1st birthday of my baby boy was just simple celebration yet we had fun and beautiful party night with my friends and babies. Check it out….

Thank you for always here and living some footprints, wish you have a great day.

Successful 1st Birthday Party Celebration

It was simple yet great and successful 1st birthday party celebration to my baby boy. I will share you more photos later on folks.

Wish you have a great day a great 1st day of the week.

With some guests

Mommies and babies

Pairs Of Boots

Winter is just around. Few days ago, we’re having snow. Now it is time to wear winter clothes, caps, hand cloves, thick sock and boots to protect you from coldness.

Yesterday before I went to cinema and I prepared my shoes to wear but because is cold nowadays and we have snow outside a pairs of boots caught me up. As you know that, I like to wear boots because it is fashionable and because I feel comfortable and it is good for coldness. I thought to take photos to share of you guys…

Just for sports and hiking boots

Pairs of boots for parties...

Beautiful Weather Says Good-bye

Oh my, now the snow is coming. As what I have heard the news today and read the magazine the snow is coming sooner.

After having nice weather on weekend, the winter announces itself now. It becomes off tomorrow cold, ugly and wet. The snow can’t wait the time. October showed up from its most beautiful time. Also on the last weekend of the month, the weather in most parts of Switzerland presented itself again the late summer. With the October end now, however the beautiful weather says good-bye.

Tuesday starts tomorrow the cap and Hands cloves is the time to wear. The weather becomes changeful and occasionally wet.

The temperatures roll up to 8 degrees Celsius, on Wednesday up to 4 degrees Celsius. The snow limit falls on 500 to 700 meters high.

On Thursday the snow probably it’s begin in the low land.

I am so excited again having snow in our surrounding I want to play with my son as he can already walk and run around. Nyay! Sooner we are going to go snow sledging. This is so exciting!

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Patiently Wait

Tomorrow morning is my mom flight going back to Philippines to our homeland. It is hard to say goodbye to my mom but that the reality that I must accept it. That is the life being married woman must not always with mom and must stand with own family. It’s hard to be far away in my homeland and my parents and siblings but that’s the life being a wife of foreign man that I already accept it that’s the life being a wife and being mom to a adorable boy. I can wait next year for our vacation in the Philippines to see again my mom and my dad my siblings and my friends and that I can meet again my sister back from States is just months to go then I’ll be there next year in the Philippines with my husband and son. This only need patient…I patiently wait the day will come to meet them.

Happy 26th Birthday To My Sister

She’s my good sister my fighter and my best of friends where I can share my personal problems that I can lend on and cry on.

Today is her (my sister Gen) 26th birthday.

I just want to say to my sister Happy Happy Birthday Sis, wishing you all the best and the entire above wish you always in good health and happiness in your life. Big Hug…..

This is the blog of here just click it...

Golden October

Here in Switzerland, at this month we experienced golden October during the past days experiencing nice weather. However, with temperatures from up to 23 degrees Celsius it is over this coming Thursday as what I have heard in Television weather news update this evening. Oh my! The golden October is saying now goodbye…

Tomorrow it will be Wednesday temperatures of more than 20 degrees might be measured in many places in Switzerland once again. On Thursday, a cold front finishes golden October. It becomes cloudy and rainy. The snowfall border drops until about 1500 metres.

By the way, we’re almost in the middle of the month and meaning that my birthday is fast approaching. This Friday I have visitors as advanced birthday celebration and despidida party or goodbye party (farewell party) for my mom back to Philippines.

Amazing Mountains

It’s been a week now since I update my blog. I have so many pictures to share of you here but few days ago, I was quite busy for preparing something for christening, organized and preparing christening favors just click it here to view the christening favors and it was successful christening happened and that was on Sunday. I shared some photos in Simply Amazing blog in christening of my son just click the link to view the photos.

Anyway, this is I wanted to share yah all, the photos that I’ve took during the day of christening of my baby, the weather was great. When we were on the way to go back home from christening this was what we had seen. So now hold your breath....!!!!

These was by the field on the way to Schuepberg to Muenchebuchsee Village in Bern Canton…..

It was few days ago before the christening of my son was snoway at night that’s why the mountains now are full of snow.

Young At Heart

Yuppey! Christmas is coming. We are now closer the day of Christmas. We could start now to count on the days to Christmas. Yey! Meaning also that the weather getting too cold now, yeah know! Time flies so fast. There are lot happenings each one of us everyday busy working and busy doing our chores and we are getting older we could not notice that the time is running so quickly. Ay, I am having birthday this month, I am getting older now and soon my age are not already in calendar but you know age are only numbers we say that doesn’t matter the age as long as your heart still young. Anyway, I am so excited everyday and the next days come. I do not know why… (laugh) what about you, are you excited too?

Photo Book

Oh, what a bundle of pictures I uploaded today for my mom travel photo book. I almost have done doing it, writing caption and arranging the photos. Sooner I send this to the service. I am glad that for 96 pages 596 photos in all I upload it at affordable price. I did this for my mom to have photo book travel here in Switzerland as a remembrance and to share to my siblings back in Philippines. Her flight is coming closer, oh yeah! I am sure I’ll miss my mom.

Time Goes By So Fast

.... It’s something just a blink of an eye and all of sudden he’s big, so grown up too fast… It’s seems that only yesterday I give birth to him but now he is big and sooner can walk with his own without any support.
This coming 2nd week of October he's turning 11 months old.

Picture Of The Day

I choose this photo from news to share in here. This could be great to share you all. It is fascinating news and great shots. What do you think folks?

This could be so heavy....want to carry?

Big China Harvest

With two bundles grain Playing this boy in Guiyang city China.

This could be a long journey...

Big Two Paddlers

Two canoeists on the way from the harbour of Saint Kilda Melbourne

Coloured surprise.....

These beach visitors were surprised in El Paso, Texas when suddenly a hot-air balloon rose behind the sandy dunes.

Photos from online news

Charice Pempengco And Celine Dion Duet

As what I have posted on my entry last September 10 in my other blog Simply Amazing about Charice Pempengco a young singer, a new Diva, gifted and had a powerful voice and achieving her greatest dream. Last week when she once again guested in Ophra Winfrey Show. Ophra surprised her to meet Celine Dion via satellite and recieved a proposal that Celine Dion will going to sing with her. Yes! in Madison Square Garden NYC finally Charice Pempengco duet with Celine Dion sang “Because You Loved Me” dedicated to her mother who was also in the audience.

Amazing voice!

At Last

Hi everyone, good day! How’s going on? Everything’s alright? how’s the weather there? If you ask question like that back on me, we had great weather today but little bit cold though and windy grrr as now we are entering the autumn season but anyway I had good day today, because I went to Philippine Embassy here in Bern to renew my passport and soon my new passport will arrive; at last, I applied to renew my passport today. So am ready to fly going back to Philippines to visit my whole family next year.

Anyway that is all for now, I have so many things to do in here to makes up something. Have a good day to you wherever you are around the globe.

Baby's Christening

Hello everyone, am here I am still breathing and alive (laugh). It has been awhile I did not post new entries, am just somewhat quite busy and full of appointment few days ago. Had lots to do everyday and with caring my baby and to do things house hold chores but I am also quite updating my other blogs and dropping my EC here and my other blogs. Furthermore I have now to focus my baby’s christening to organized important things for christening this coming October but this is so easy and simple because only my family of my husband, my mom, god father and god mother of my son will attend to this christening.

Anyway, check my latest photos in my Everything Simply Amazing blog check40th b-day celebrationof my good friend, wearing 60’s attire. It was fun night and great celebration.

Busy Days

Weekday it was a busy days the weekend was also a busy days. Despite of my busy days I have short time and chance to update my blogs and dropping my EC to those who were also dropped their EC, thanks gurls, surely I drop my EC then when you drop too.
This morning my husband and I went to the city and bought some things including envelope for invitation cards of my baby christening for this coming October. In the afternoon my baby, my husband, my mom and I with my in-laws went to the hills in restaurant, had some snack, ice creams, teas and coffees, and had time to chitchat with them, which was so great together with them. Moreover, this coming Saturday is my friend 40th birthday celebration so at this time I am quite busy helping with her and I have so many appointment. Don’t worry folks for those who were dropping their EC I’ll drop mine too  so that’s all for now. Have a nice day wherever you are around the globe.

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Vote the Fascinating Filipina Love Story

Hi folks, I have something to ask you a favour I ask your support, this is my first time to ask your support here, hope you give your support to my sister. Please vote for my sister love story contest in this Blog just look in the right side bar Gen-gen name, and then check it and then click vote. Your vote would bring my sister to the first top and win I hope that… you are also free to read pinays stories who were married a foreign man and maybe if you were looking a foreign man maybe these give you encourage or it might be those stories are helpful and enlighten you. Thank you so much….

Hectic Schedule

Today it is 1st of September meaning that we were now on cold season. Time goes by so fast huh! Nowadays I have hectic schedule I have many appointment meeting of my friends practicing dancing for my friend presentation for her 40th birthday this coming 13th September. I am not the only one to dance noh! We were five women going to dance on the stage I hope this will going be pretty good. So folks just drop your EC I will drop mine too then. See you later on for more update. Have a great 1st September and week. Ciao tschüss…

Photos In Travel Blog

It has been awhile I did not post new entry in my blog. I just losing my appetite posting entries (nabahaw jud ni). Anyway, I posted new photos in my travel blog when we were in Blausee just check it out in here. Enjoy!

Deep Blue Lake

A beautiful place, romantic and friendly nature and has deep blue lake with its crystal clear water as what you can see in the photo and we discovered thousands of Trout fishes big and small fish in Blausee that we’ve been today with my husband, baby, my mom and I with my friend and her family.

See you more update later on folks and more photos that we have took when we were in Blausee..

Know More About Kiwi Fruit

Every weekend I bought Kiwi fruits but I used to eat in the middle of the week in the afternoon as a snack. I like to eat kiwi fruit with salt, maybe you think now how weird is that kiwi with salt huh! Well, did you know what kiwi fruits are? Kiwi fruit is a hairy brown peel contains green flesh and has small black seeds. Approximately look like the size of hen’s eggs. When is unripe is a little bit sour when is ripe is so sweet taste, similar to mango, strawberry and pineapple. Kiwi fruit in rich much more vitamins than oranges fruit it contains high amount of vitamin C and potassium.

Here is the Kiwi plants and the fruits. The photo took when we were in Brissago Island Ticino Switzerland during summer vacation.

Cold Times

Hi, time goes by so fast, the autum season is approaching, grrr, then winter, arg. The weather this year is not always nice keep changeable; I can ask my self or maybe you would say where the summer seasons go?
This is I want to share you, how look our place when it is wintertime. Is really freaking cold freezing place right?

Winter time

Photo took from Rosengarten (Rose Garten) view of Berner Town

Keep Smiling

Before I am going to my bed, let me say you have a great Sunday. Lastly, before I forget to say you, keep smiling because a day without smile is a lost day, so keep smiling. Thanks for dropping by my page. See you soon in your page.

Feeling More Comfort

Hi there, is so late now here but I am still here infront of my computer, but I don’t know what I should do in my computer, I just chatted my sister talked a lot telling stories and funny things. I did not used my computer this afternoon because I was on our bed, took rest for almost 6 hours, nyay! So much rest na! (lol) so now I am back in my blogging and taking care of my baby boy. When I was sick, I let baby CD to my husband and to my mom to take care. I thanks to my mom because she is here, she has a big help for my husband and I, which made me more comfortable everyday, I am proud being a daughter of her, a helpful mom, that I could shout to the world that I have a very best MOM. Oks, that’s for update now. Have a great day and keep smiling!

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Was Sick

How day everyone? as you know that, I was in tour in the eastern Switzerland with my family, we’ve planned to stayed in their within 4 days but we just stayed 1 day and stayed in hotel 1 night because Sunday evening I was sick, I was having fever and then in the next we drove way back home. We didn’t continue our eastern Switzerland vacation. We decided drive back home and choose to take a rest at home. Now I am ok and tomorrow I am sure my feeling will getting better.
Anyway, I am back in my blogging and tomorrow my start again in my blogging world and visiting your page. Sorry for not visiting your page immediately as you will know what I’ve written earlier, my happenings few days ago. Let me go to be now, is a kind of late now here in our place, let me see you, see you soon in your page, just drop your EC. Wherever you are around globe let me say you have a nice day!

University of Bedfordshire Clearing 2008

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I'm Home

Hi folks, I am at home now, just got back from my summer vacation in south of Switzerland but next week we’re going to travel in the east of Switzerland. At this time I don't know what date exactly we start to travel. I’ll visit your page tomorrow when I wake up in the morning here, just drop your EC. Let me sleep now, just tired from travel. Cioa! Wherever you are around the globe let me see you have a nice day!

Just Saying Hi!

Hi folks, I am here and saying hello and good day! I am still in my vacation, sorry for not visiting immediately in your page, I'll pay your visit later on if I am at home. I just posted this entry using scheduled future posts. Just drop your EC. I will come back soon. Thanks, have a nice day, wherever you are around the globe.

Having A Vacation

Tomorrow is our start of our summer vacation; we do not know where to spend out time for vacation. We just had packed our things but we doesn’t know what time we should travel tomorrow, I think and I am sure we are early to start our travel as what my husband planned that he wanted to go in south of Switzerland, just spend our time under the sun, nyay! Let us see then. Now I want to say to you have a nice time, see you later on, when I come back home from our vacation. I think when you read this entry, I am in my vacation, visiting interesting places and attractions around in the south of Switzerland.

Brunch On The Farmland (Swiss Confederation Day)

We had fantastic 1st August; we had a lot of fun. In the morning, we had brunch/breakfast on the Farmland, which is typical tradition of Swiss during Federation Day. We had great food, different kind of cheese, yogurts, eggs, Rösti (fried grated potatoes) a Swiss potato dish, coffees, teas and many more fine food and typical Swiss music, which was live band. My mom was enjoyed so much, it was her first brunch her in Switzerland and my 1st brunch too (nyay) supposed to be that yesterday we were going to do picnic (that I posted earlier entry) due of not nice weather therefore we decided to have brunch on the farmland. While we enjoying our food we surprised there are journalist was there and took to us pictures, check out the link, just click it here we were in the news…nyay! (Sikat ang mga beauty ng pinays)

With my mom...

The brunch on the farmland. Bunch of people and children were there. My husband wearing blue shirt and my friend wearing black and white blouse with her husband wearing orange polo shirt..

After having brunch on the farmland we went to the city and we had ice cream dessert….

Switzerland National Day

Tomorrow is 1st of August and that is the Switzerland Day meaning Swiss confederation day or it is also called national day or Independence Day. Mostly houses decorated of lanterns, bonfires, people enjoying fireworks, festive and many more like having barbecues or grilled food, picnic, brunch in the farm enjoying spend together with family.

1st of august we used to have picnic with family and friends, it seems tomorrow it will having rain shower until in the night as what we’ve heard regarding the weather news, so we are going only to have a branch in farmer restaurant house which is typical of Swiss people celebrating Switzerland day with my family and friends.

Tonight we are going to Biel to watch fireworks, I hope I could get some photos or videos to share of you folks, I think this so nice… and great sharing of you, i thought some of you might enjoy it as well... that’s all for now, have a nice day.

First Impression City Of Berne

Folks, how are you today? As you will know, my mom arrived yesterday evening was safely arrived. This afternoon we have brought her in city of Berne. You know what her first impression of Berne just saying, amazing, beautiful, terrific, nice, clean, fresh and peaceful city, hmmm… ahhh the flowers are beautiful, people, shopping, houses, buildings, trams, trains, bus or whatever or everything are new for her that she don’t have seen in Philippines.

My mom and my son. In Zytglogge, behind is the tram, the transportation in City Berne

The known The Clock Tower (Zeitglockenturm) is the most tourist attraction in the City, more information the clock tower in Berne City in Siwtzerland just click it here

Happy Brithday M-M

It is party time…its birthday of my shining star...Happy Happy Birthday to Ate Mele… I want to say to you that this is another year for you, I am wishing you so much laughter, joy and fun more surprises, love and happiness. I hope all your wishes come true, and your birthday be perfect and I hope you have many more.

Listen the funny happy birthday song :-) I like it...

Feeling So Excited

My mom arrives on Monday at the evening from Philippines, huh! So soon, right? I am eager to see her again and hug and of course, she is so eager to see her first grand child. In August 4, we are going to have vacation maybe in just 2 weeks. I want to try to have an internet connection so that I could bring my laptop and while we’re in vacation and I could update my blog every night or chat my bros, sis and father back way home in Philippines and my friends when we come from our city tour. That is all for now folks, see you later on. Maybe in my next update of my blog, my mom is already in here, I want to say you now, Tschüss, just drop your EC then I’ll follow you. Have a nice day or night wherever you are in around the globe.

Scammers Go Away

I hate scammer who does not hate, right? I think you really hate scammers too. There are many scammers sending and commented in my blog and just saying, “It’s really amazing” and then they are just talking and promoting their website especially poker or gambling. I hate this! It is good I moderate first the comments or messages before will appears in comment area, ashamed to them. I reject it those comments just sending messages in my comments box promoting their website or gambling website here in my comments box. Excuse me….

On High Cloud 9

Just saying Hi to everyone, how are you today? This is just a quick update this morning and sending greetings to everyone, you know the people that read this blog of mine. I’m still here, supposed to be I want to post more entry now, but I will probably post more entry here in blog later on this afternoon or maybe if nothing else in the other day.

This morning I got up early, my baby keeps me awake by holding my face, my arms and my nose. It is always nice to wake up in the morning and see my baby boy flashing his smile at me. That makes bring on high cloud 9 nyay.

Thanks To God

Thanks to God my baby now is getting better from fever. Last night it was difficult, he was having fever 38.1grad temperature. I do not have enough sleep last night as I was keeping awake and cannot sleep so well and I stood up early morning because my baby keep me telling that I must awake. My eyes are now hurting something gets falling down and so heavy to open my eyes because of lacking sleep last night. I Hope I can sleep tonight and sleep longer. I want to go to bed now I want to sleep now folks. See you later in your page just leave your messages in my comments box or just drop your EC. Have a nice day or night.

My Thought

This morning I asked my self why my baby having fever, maybe because of the weather, because it is changeable everyday, rain and shine together and hot or maybe just because he is teething. When I was checking to his gum this morning I saw in the upper gum there are tooth started growing and are showing. Wow! how so quick he has having teeth. When he was 2 months old, his gum started aching and in 4 months old 1 tooth was showing then when he was 5 months old his having 2 at the front lower gum and now totally he has 5 are showing now. Huh! The days goes by so fast right?
I am so happy of my son because of so fast development and that is makes us so proud being parents to him. My husband and I are so fond of our son.

Having Fever

At noontime, we went to the city here in our place. We took some photos. After minutes, looking those fountains dancing by the house of parliament we walked around a little bit by the city but we never realized baby C-D (8 months old) was vomiting. I am so sad seeing his face because I can feel what his feeling now. This is the first time he got fever not because he is teething. Now he is on his crib sleeping have a fever. I hope he will get well soon.

By house of Parliament

In his crib keep playing even have a fever

Beautiful and Sexy Outfit

It was 1 month I have never been shopping buying for my needs therefore yesterday before we have visited to my friend in hospital (who delivered a baby boy last Thursday my last entry I posted) when we were leading to hospital my husband dropped me in boutiques and I bought jeans and top outfit. I cannot resist my self without buying those beautiful and sexy clothes.

I like these style, so cute

sexy top outfit

sexy top outfit

Black and white Jeans

Congratulation To My Good Friend

This afternoon I visited to my good friend (Robilyn) in hospital also a Filipina woman and married a Swiss man. She delivered a baby boy yesterday 3 kilograms and 720 grams and 51-centemeter baby boy in caesarean operation. I was so touch when I so her cute boy (named John André), I am really so happy of my close friend finally her baby was born yesterday at noontime 12:14 having an angel given from above. She is my best friend my good friend here in our place, we are almost the same age; I am younger just 1 year. We are almost 5 years now as a good friend; we just met in the school where I was studied German course language that I could never forget. In the same day that we met, she invited my husband and I to visit her house, we had dinner their, and that was our friendship started. My husband and her husband are also good friend because of us (my friend Robilyn). We shared many things, sad times, problems and happiness, that I could share with comfortable and trust. We keep in touch always and we spend our time mostly going outing, shopping, picnic, swimming and any kind, which is fun with us.

I want to say “Congrats to my best friend having an adorable baby boy and Welcome
To Motherhood My Friend

Tomorrow around in the afternoon I am going to visit again her, I am with my husband, my husband eager also to her son.

With my good friend Robilyn was 5 months pregnant

Daily Routine

Everyday is a busy day for me, doing house hold choirs, taking care of my baby, went out spent together my husband and baby before to go to bed specially now summer always good weather, go to my work and sometimes if I got a time free I do blogging, chatting my friends, my bro. or my family way back in Philippines. Sometimes I chatted to my family while talking to them too in telephone ha-ha-ha that is what I am my daily routine. Anyway I wish you had good day or good night.

What Have You Dream?

Sometimes I keep dreaming flying with power, crossing the river which clear water, going up to the mountain and reached it to the top and sometimes not , but the meaning of the dream I don’t really believed those meaning, but this morning I was so curious and I keep browsing the meaning of my dream.

I found some meaning of dreams. Here are the interpretations.

To dream that you are flying, signifies a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited.

To see a clear, calm-flowing river in your dream, signifies that you are allowing your life to float away and it is time that you take a more decisive hand in directing your life. A river also symbolizes joyful pleasures, peace and prosperity.

To see mountains in your dream, signifies many major obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome. If you are on top of the mountain, then it signifies that you have achieved and realized your goals. Alternatively, mountains denotes a higher realm of consciousness, knowledge, and spiritual truth.

To dream that you are climbing a mountain, signifies your determination and ambition.
To dream that you fall off a mountain, suggests that you are in a hurry to succeed without thoroughly thinking about your path to success. It also means that you have a tendency to give up or escape from demanding situations.

What about you, what have you dream?

Photos From Birthday Party

My last entry I talked about we attended birthday party. Here are some photos that we took last Saturday during the party. Some photos are blurd, because I was carrying with my baby that is why is not really god shot but I do not put it here.

Me wearing with blue, Juliet, Myrna the birthday Celebrant and Marilou

Some new friends

With my little boy, had big smile...

My little boy enjoying the party, my husband concentrating the show hahaha...