Was Sick

How day everyone? as you know that, I was in tour in the eastern Switzerland with my family, we’ve planned to stayed in their within 4 days but we just stayed 1 day and stayed in hotel 1 night because Sunday evening I was sick, I was having fever and then in the next we drove way back home. We didn’t continue our eastern Switzerland vacation. We decided drive back home and choose to take a rest at home. Now I am ok and tomorrow I am sure my feeling will getting better.
Anyway, I am back in my blogging and tomorrow my start again in my blogging world and visiting your page. Sorry for not visiting your page immediately as you will know what I’ve written earlier, my happenings few days ago. Let me go to be now, is a kind of late now here in our place, let me see you, see you soon in your page, just drop your EC. Wherever you are around globe let me say you have a nice day!


Mummy SHENG said...

Hope you're feeling better now!

Btw, I've got something for you! FRIENDSHIP :)

shaula0pink said...

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