Know More About Kiwi Fruit

Every weekend I bought Kiwi fruits but I used to eat in the middle of the week in the afternoon as a snack. I like to eat kiwi fruit with salt, maybe you think now how weird is that kiwi with salt huh! Well, did you know what kiwi fruits are? Kiwi fruit is a hairy brown peel contains green flesh and has small black seeds. Approximately look like the size of hen’s eggs. When is unripe is a little bit sour when is ripe is so sweet taste, similar to mango, strawberry and pineapple. Kiwi fruit in rich much more vitamins than oranges fruit it contains high amount of vitamin C and potassium.

Here is the Kiwi plants and the fruits. The photo took when we were in Brissago Island Ticino Switzerland during summer vacation.


Nancy said...

Oh, I haven't tried this one yet but based on how it looks..hmm..parang masarap sya..

Just passing through here today..musta!!

~~Devita~~ said...

wow! i like kiwi. it is sour and exciting. :D:D

smith said...

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