Brunch On The Farmland (Swiss Confederation Day)

We had fantastic 1st August; we had a lot of fun. In the morning, we had brunch/breakfast on the Farmland, which is typical tradition of Swiss during Federation Day. We had great food, different kind of cheese, yogurts, eggs, Rösti (fried grated potatoes) a Swiss potato dish, coffees, teas and many more fine food and typical Swiss music, which was live band. My mom was enjoyed so much, it was her first brunch her in Switzerland and my 1st brunch too (nyay) supposed to be that yesterday we were going to do picnic (that I posted earlier entry) due of not nice weather therefore we decided to have brunch on the farmland. While we enjoying our food we surprised there are journalist was there and took to us pictures, check out the link, just click it here we were in the news…nyay! (Sikat ang mga beauty ng pinays)

With my mom...

The brunch on the farmland. Bunch of people and children were there. My husband wearing blue shirt and my friend wearing black and white blouse with her husband wearing orange polo shirt..

After having brunch on the farmland we went to the city and we had ice cream dessert….

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