We renovate our office room. My husband has been working for almost 2 days now in our office room, painting the wall, painting all the cabinets and fixing something for drawers and hanging some pictures frame on the wall and wires for PCs, laptop, printer and scanner. He needs some wire weld stick nails and staplers I found at Bostitch has range fastener and tool design includes collated nails, brads, staples, rings and clips.

Renovating the house, kitchen, rooms are a lot of works. There are many things and materials needs. If is not complete materials is so dissapointing, right? You even can’t do and start the works if the materials are incomplete.

Health Benefits

The time running so fast I didn’t noticed that almost midnight here now. I am not done my online tasks but I need to sleep now I’ll need to relax and rest I need to go back sleeping time routine like few years ago. Oh, my! It has been few years that I go to bed early. Actually I already did it at the first month of this year, now and then, I want will be successive. You know sleeping also our health benefits. So folks,see you later, have a good night wherever you are around the globe. Ciao…

Memorable Birthday Party

I am back blogging again after many days absent. Due of many works need to be done. The 40th birthday party of my husband it was great party night last Saturday. We had a lot of food and desserts. The guests enjoyed the night, we had program, presentation and surprises of the party and we had disco time. It was memorable night and priceless party. If you are, keeping reading my blog you check out for more stories and surprises at party night about the 40th birthday party at my click to view the photos in here. Enjoy….

That's Gives Me Courage

This morning I opened my computer and decided to hear the Christian music while I am cleaning the house. My 1 year old son was playing alone with his toys while I was busy my work. It’s feel so great listening Christian music, it’s make me more safe with comfort, the lyrics touches my hearts and I feel so strong and giving more courage in living. That Christian song makes me more stronger in living in this crazy world despite of problems and trials happening in our lives.

I love Funny Novelty T-shirt

Do you wear t-shirt? I wear t-shirt I love wearing t-shirt I feel comfortable and the most I like to wear with funny novelty t-shirt or humorous text, which is, fun and can entertain to someone. It so great that I can custom my own t-shirt with the photograph of my son through screen printing. I discovered at Custom Your Shirt offering screen printing for t-shirt that I can design my own or with my favorite photograph for my t-shirt they’re using different print technique and traditional screen printing offering affordable.

Germany Next Top Model 2009

If U.S.A has American Top model also Germany has Germany Next Top Model by Heide Klum. Yesterday night I keep changing channels in TV then I came across to the channel Pro 7 oh gosh, I was so late to notice that Germany’s Top Model by “Heide Klum” it has already started. I never thought that is already started because the Germany Search for Superstars (Sucht Deucthland Superstar) still in show every Saturday, I didn’t know the Germany Next Top Model showing every Thursday night usually this on Saturday Arggg.. Again, I am late! You know that I love watching this Germany Next Top Model.

Grocery Time

Every weekend, my son, my husband and I going to grocery buying our daily needs like food and for house hold and of course, I never forget to bring my comfortable natural reusable grocery bags and help our environment green. I love going to groceries that makes me complete being as a mom and wife. After in grocery we have dining out too that we have used every weekend. I love this routine that we used for almost 5 years now.

Spring Season

Spring is here. The coolest season I like. Leaves of trees are popping and spring flowers blooming everywhere on the streets on the fields or anywhere the beautiful time of the year that I really like. However there are people having allergies, from flowers people keep sneezing having runny nose and having itching skin and allergies from pollen they get watery eyes or red eyes and other symptoms from flowers pollen. There are treatments of those symptoms.

I am so excited this season, people excited gardening, biking, picnic, swimming and hiking on the mountains. In the other hand in this spring season, there are hot new trends in this season, clothes, shoes, flip-flops, and bags to wear. I love this season.

Web Hosting

My husband has a plan to own a website. Someday if we have website, I knew we need reliable web hosting company, affordable that costs only some penny in a month and time-to-time technical support and give everything what customers needs that is the most important if we build an online shop or website. I knew it so hard to find web hosting company as there are a lot of web hosting nowadays that makes us to confuse to find which one is the best. I am glad I discovered list of best web hosting 2009 which are rated, which is helps to find the best web hosting nowadays. This is great solution to everyone for those who are looking the best web hosting now. If you are looking for a new web hosting you better check out, you will find it.

Feeling Excited

I am almost done my works now. I’m done preparing birthday invitation that I’ll send this tomorrow morning. I am so excited for my husband grand birthday party this coming 21 of March. My Filipina friends and some friends of my husband are invited. Will going to shake our butt and hit in the night and it might be the dance floor will hot.

That is all for now folk just a little daily update in here what I have done today. Wish you had a great day.

So Sweet Fragrance

Most of women love perfume loves the scent perfume. I am the one of a woman that loving perfume. I like perfume. I want smell good and long lasting sweet fragrance. I have some collection of branded perfume including, Christian Dior, Dolce and Gabana the one, Britney Spears perfume, Chanel, Este Lauder perfume etc. I like the scent of Christian Dior, Este Lauder and the new perfume of Kylie Monique Showtime I love the scent of this perfume makes me feel so fresh, so feel comfortable, fabulous fragrance so sweet, natural fragrance and so fine scent I feel that I am on the cloud 9. So what about you, what kind of perfume do you love?

I love Handbags

I love handbags. I am fond of purses. I cannot go anywhere without my bag because I feel so comfort bringing my fave bag. In my bag, I put everything I needs, of course money my wallet, cosmetics, my gadgets mobile phone and music player and moisture paper which is the most important that I need to bring when I go anywhere.

File Extension ctt

Do you like online chat? Nowadays online chat is very popular. If you are computer literate or even you are not expert of computer to do online chat is very easy to do. Online chat is much known now and people enjoying using it.

I used Windows live messenger chatting to my friends and family. What made me surprised today this ctt file extension that made me confused. Do you hear that file extension ctt? The file extension ctt is related to windows live messenger that used to import and export a list of your contact from windows live messenger. Check out file extension ctt for more details.