Clinique 3 Step Skin Care

This is what I love it 3 step Skin care Clinique clarifying lotion for my skin. Its been 4 years now I am using it and it’s works very good. As I have oily skin I use this for face skin care, this helps clarify skins, makes me comfortable in the cheeks, oily in the T-zone, remove dirt and makes my skin smooth. I could not go to bed and outside without using this kind of skin care.

Christmas Wish List

Christmas day is getting closer and let us celebrates a time of love. I knew that every one of us has a Christmas wish. So what are your Christmas wish lists this year? Tell me I tell you mine… (smile). Quite expensive Christmas wish list I have this Christmas 2008. These are my 5 Christmas wish list 2008.

First a carpet to our floor for dinning table.

Second flight ticket back to Philippines as until now we did not book our flight to Philippines for vacation next year.
Third a new swim suit ready for vacation next year

Fourth Photoshop software
Last but not the least :-) Absolutely I want to have new digital camera, as my old digital camera was broke few weeks ago.

The new Nikon D90

Web Hosting Services

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Dropping Entrecard

Dropping Entrecard is tough; my computer drives me so crazy when so slow. Sometimes makes my computer Hung up that makes me so irritate when I open the page/site there are a lot of pictures, slideshow, videos and music. There were times my computer affected many viruses because of things happening of some sites where bringing a virus. Arggg! But even though that happenings in my computer I’ll never stop dropping ECs. Entrecard is a great system, that helps your blogs known, helps to drive traffic, free advertising using Entrecard widget. I am thankful to EC droppers or users for taking time to visit my blogs and drop EC my 3 blogs now are on good rank.

So keep dropping, I follow you then. Wish you have a great day.

1st Birthday Party Photos

Folks see more photos during 1st birthday party of my baby boy are on now in my other blog just click my Everything Simply Amazing and you will be there.

1st birthday of my baby boy was just simple celebration yet we had fun and beautiful party night with my friends and babies. Check it out….

Thank you for always here and living some footprints, wish you have a great day.

Successful 1st Birthday Party Celebration

It was simple yet great and successful 1st birthday party celebration to my baby boy. I will share you more photos later on folks.

Wish you have a great day a great 1st day of the week.

With some guests

Mommies and babies