Swimming Day At The Pool

Today my boy and I with my friends spent time at the swimming pool. We had fun, chitchat and swam. We brought also some food and fruits like melon and banana for snacks. My boy was enjoying playing in the water at the little pool with the son of my friend too. The water is 22 degrees Celsius quiet not too hot, right?…I was feeling like a chicken feeling so cold in the water while swimming but later on I feel not cold anymore just on the start I felt cold…. It was perfect weather today it was 30 degrees temperature that I can say a remarkable day because it was also my first time together my new friends by the pool. We are going again next time maybe next week if the weather will perfect again.

I love My Car Air Conditioning

Do you drive your Car everyday? Now it is summer so hot and very humid. It is very hot outside huhh! It must be feel freshen and feeling so comfort and feel good while driving your Car. If you are looking Auto air conditioning compressor or auto AC parts, just click the highlighted link that I added.

Yes, I love to drive my car with the good music and feeling fresh using air conditioning of my Car. That’s l like it. I drive my Car almost everyday, in summer time like now I need to use air conditioning while driving that is makes me feel good and feel comfort. If you don’t have Auto air conditioning, I suggest you, you better have now visit the link that I added.

Filipino Music

I am fond of musis, pop music the most I like. Everyday I listen the music from my iPhone. I downloaded and purchased any songs from iTunes just new songs and old songs I like. One time I was looking for a Filipino music. Thanks that one of my friends shared me where I can find and listen the Filipino music, she was telling about ShoutCcast, I was just search ShoutCast and then downloads. Yes, I can listen Filipino music and any music from everywhere using ShoutCast in my iPhone. Everyday I listen the Filipino music that is makes me feeling freshen everyday.

Thanful To Him

We have not good weather in this month, the summer really so unpredictable weather in here. We have almost bad weather everyday, rainy and cloudy day but is not too chilling temperature, which is also good. I just wish is a sunny day everyday in the summer time even in spring and autumn time, who does not wish living in the cold country where you can find Alps and Snowy Mountain even in summer time? Though I still thankful to God he give the rain to water our plants and trees. Thanks to God for all what he created. I am so thankful to HIM. God Bless Us