He Loves Fruits

So its s been awhile I did not share latest photos of my son now I thought to share here in my blog. My baby boy love to eat fruits just any fruits he like it. I thought to share you this, he look so funny, eating a melon. My cuddly boy eating a melon fruit…. On the picture you can see he’s holding a melon. He was just making fun of mommy.

I Love It

I work just only a short of time at Wednesday and Friday morning, so I have so much time together my boy. I am not working too much time, I don’t like that I don’t have time my family, I rather spend a lot of time to my family than to my work. My husband just work at home in the morning and in the afternoon he work at his grandmother start at Tuesday to Friday as he work on Monday on their main office. Even just a short time I work, I am happy my work, and of course this is what I choose, I really love it. I got my diploma as a Play Leader group last August 2007. I work at kindergarten one or nursery with 3 and to 5 years old children. Since I work for almost 5 years now in Kindergarten 1 I really love it, I know is not so easy as there are a lot of children who can’t speak German, they just speak their language where they from, some children learn fast German or Swiss German language. I still thanks to God that I can handle it.

When I Get Bored

...at home, I spent some time together my baby boy watching TV cartoon and some time playing with him. When he taking a nap I spent my time doing my household choirs and sometimes if I don’t need to do at home I spend my time sitting in front of my computer, chatting with my family and friends back in Philippines and my sister living in United States and doing my assignment. Sometimes I go shopping with my boy, that has make me really so feel excitement going to shop when I need something and call to my friends to meet them in the city. That’s my daily routine during weekdays during my vacation time in my work.

Fun Summer Time

It has been awhile since I post entry of this blog. Time is so tough, that’s why this blog wasn’t updated of me. I could not deny I enjoyed summer here, even just unpredictable weather, I still enjoying my family and my friends. A lot of time to hung out family and friends which is good time to bonded. Summer is perfect time, more outings, there a lot of parties to attend and meeting some people spending time together them under the sun. It’s great when the weather always like this not too cold not too hot I really loving it…It’s chilling time! When we were in the swimming at swimming pool, I just love it spending time I love it the sun is shining in the sky. My skin turning so brown when I spend a lot of time under the sun and that is not good of us is not anymore healthy. I control my self and just hide on the shadow that the sun not hit on my skin, eww!

Great Summer Time

It’s been awhile since I post new blog entry in here. It’s almost a month now huh. I don’t want this blog will out of my time but time is so tough can’t sit down long in front of my computer folks and especially at this moment we are in summer time I am often out with my friends in the weekdays, in the afternoon time and in the weekend with my husband and baby Cd. That is it, I want with them, too bad at this time I have not enough time sitting at the front of my computer. Now, I want to try to update my blog everyday or even just an 2 times a week to tell a story what happening in my day.

Anyway, summer is great time in here…though sometimes windy and rainy but its great quiet warm temperature. It is nice to spend outside with family and friends, do picnic and swim on the lake that we can’t do in cold times.

Wish you have a great summer time folks. Enjoy.