I Love It

I work just only a short of time at Wednesday and Friday morning, so I have so much time together my boy. I am not working too much time, I don’t like that I don’t have time my family, I rather spend a lot of time to my family than to my work. My husband just work at home in the morning and in the afternoon he work at his grandmother start at Tuesday to Friday as he work on Monday on their main office. Even just a short time I work, I am happy my work, and of course this is what I choose, I really love it. I got my diploma as a Play Leader group last August 2007. I work at kindergarten one or nursery with 3 and to 5 years old children. Since I work for almost 5 years now in Kindergarten 1 I really love it, I know is not so easy as there are a lot of children who can’t speak German, they just speak their language where they from, some children learn fast German or Swiss German language. I still thanks to God that I can handle it.

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