Great Summer Time

It’s been awhile since I post new blog entry in here. It’s almost a month now huh. I don’t want this blog will out of my time but time is so tough can’t sit down long in front of my computer folks and especially at this moment we are in summer time I am often out with my friends in the weekdays, in the afternoon time and in the weekend with my husband and baby Cd. That is it, I want with them, too bad at this time I have not enough time sitting at the front of my computer. Now, I want to try to update my blog everyday or even just an 2 times a week to tell a story what happening in my day.

Anyway, summer is great time in here…though sometimes windy and rainy but its great quiet warm temperature. It is nice to spend outside with family and friends, do picnic and swim on the lake that we can’t do in cold times.

Wish you have a great summer time folks. Enjoy.

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Gorgeous MUM said...

Enjoy the summer! I miss Europe's summer, they are just gorgeous!