Fun Summer Time

It has been awhile since I post entry of this blog. Time is so tough, that’s why this blog wasn’t updated of me. I could not deny I enjoyed summer here, even just unpredictable weather, I still enjoying my family and my friends. A lot of time to hung out family and friends which is good time to bonded. Summer is perfect time, more outings, there a lot of parties to attend and meeting some people spending time together them under the sun. It’s great when the weather always like this not too cold not too hot I really loving it…It’s chilling time! When we were in the swimming at swimming pool, I just love it spending time I love it the sun is shining in the sky. My skin turning so brown when I spend a lot of time under the sun and that is not good of us is not anymore healthy. I control my self and just hide on the shadow that the sun not hit on my skin, eww!

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