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It has been awhile since I posted blog in here. It has been so busy days for me, I haven’t only 1 blog but I have 4 blog, Daystar Shine On Me, Everything Simply Amazing and Online Travel Diary as you can see I put link below in my header here. In my 1 blog I only sometimes post blog too past few days I’ve been really busy and not enough to visit my blog

However, this is my first blog that I have created. I feel sad that I abandoned this for a sometimes. . I hope these days that I spend time to post some entries and share my daily happenings in life.

The Isola Bella

Isola Bella (Beautiful Island) one of Borromean Island located in Lake or Lago Maggiore in north Italy. Isola Bella is a full of history and there are a lot of valuable artefacts and antiques and one tourist destination and attraction in Lake Maggiore in North Italy. Inside of magnificent of Borromeo palace is collected a heap of antique, rugs, tapestry, porcelain and amazing furniture. Isola Bella or Beautiful Island also has a splendid typical Italian garden built on terraces.

The Isola Bella a peaceful and beautiful island that can astound you.

To get to Isola Bella there are many regular ferry boats from Laveno, Stresa, Bervano, Intra, and Pallanza.
Beautiful garden in Isola Bella

Beautiful Art garden Isola Bella

The Beautiful Island In Lago Maggiore

We had blast vacation happened us in Italy. Even just a short days we had wonderful vacation in the side of North Italy we had so much fun with my lalabs and my close with her son. It was unforgettable moments with them especially my close friends joined us our short vacation. It was my first time having vacation, which my close friend was with us. We visited some place of Italy where we stayed at Feriolo, Italy at Canca d’Oro village and rented maxi caravan, the village peaceful and comfortable to stay. We visited, Stresa and the popular tourist attraction named the Isola die Pescatori or Isola Superiore and beautiful Island, Isola bella the one of the Borromean Island in Lago Maggiore in north Italy.

The maxi caravan that we had rented with fully equipped air-conditioned, double bed room, bathroom with shower, sitting room plus dinette converts into double bed and kitchen provided with full size gas cooker, refrigerator, moka, and kitchen utensils for 6 persons. Each caravan has veranda with table and chairs.

The art and beautiful garden in the Isola Bella

Photo took one the garden near by Stresa by the port.

Just For Fashion

I am into clothes and shoes; I like to buy not always but sometimes-new trends I just follows trends wearing hottest trends right now. People here in our place (Berne) are fashionable, have style, beautiful color hair and beautiful shoes, clothes walking on the street. Even just going to the grocery wearing beautiful fashionable clothe or they’re in high fashion. What a heck every season you buy a new trends new fashion clothes and shoes.

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn."
by Gore Vidal

Just Short Vacation

Nyay August is here, watta time, is just like a blink of an eye then suddenly now in the 1st week of August. I feel so excited for a short vacation. I can’t wait. Feeling so exciting, we are gonna be visit interesting attraction wth my beloved man and baby Ced. My friend one, also, want to come with us with her son. We just go with our car for about almost 3 hours to drive our car going to our destination, this will be in north of Italy at the boundary of Switzerland by the lake of Lago Maggiore. So exciting.

Swimming Day At The Pool

Today my boy and I with my friends spent time at the swimming pool. We had fun, chitchat and swam. We brought also some food and fruits like melon and banana for snacks. My boy was enjoying playing in the water at the little pool with the son of my friend too. The water is 22 degrees Celsius quiet not too hot, right?…I was feeling like a chicken feeling so cold in the water while swimming but later on I feel not cold anymore just on the start I felt cold…. It was perfect weather today it was 30 degrees temperature that I can say a remarkable day because it was also my first time together my new friends by the pool. We are going again next time maybe next week if the weather will perfect again.

I love My Car Air Conditioning

Do you drive your Car everyday? Now it is summer so hot and very humid. It is very hot outside huhh! It must be feel freshen and feeling so comfort and feel good while driving your Car. If you are looking Auto air conditioning compressor or auto AC parts, just click the highlighted link that I added.

Yes, I love to drive my car with the good music and feeling fresh using air conditioning of my Car. That’s l like it. I drive my Car almost everyday, in summer time like now I need to use air conditioning while driving that is makes me feel good and feel comfort. If you don’t have Auto air conditioning, I suggest you, you better have now visit the link that I added.

Filipino Music

I am fond of musis, pop music the most I like. Everyday I listen the music from my iPhone. I downloaded and purchased any songs from iTunes just new songs and old songs I like. One time I was looking for a Filipino music. Thanks that one of my friends shared me where I can find and listen the Filipino music, she was telling about ShoutCcast, I was just search ShoutCast and then downloads. Yes, I can listen Filipino music and any music from everywhere using ShoutCast in my iPhone. Everyday I listen the Filipino music that is makes me feeling freshen everyday.

Thanful To Him

We have not good weather in this month, the summer really so unpredictable weather in here. We have almost bad weather everyday, rainy and cloudy day but is not too chilling temperature, which is also good. I just wish is a sunny day everyday in the summer time even in spring and autumn time, who does not wish living in the cold country where you can find Alps and Snowy Mountain even in summer time? Though I still thankful to God he give the rain to water our plants and trees. Thanks to God for all what he created. I am so thankful to HIM. God Bless Us

He Loves Fruits

So its s been awhile I did not share latest photos of my son now I thought to share here in my blog. My baby boy love to eat fruits just any fruits he like it. I thought to share you this, he look so funny, eating a melon. My cuddly boy eating a melon fruit…. On the picture you can see he’s holding a melon. He was just making fun of mommy.

I Love It

I work just only a short of time at Wednesday and Friday morning, so I have so much time together my boy. I am not working too much time, I don’t like that I don’t have time my family, I rather spend a lot of time to my family than to my work. My husband just work at home in the morning and in the afternoon he work at his grandmother start at Tuesday to Friday as he work on Monday on their main office. Even just a short time I work, I am happy my work, and of course this is what I choose, I really love it. I got my diploma as a Play Leader group last August 2007. I work at kindergarten one or nursery with 3 and to 5 years old children. Since I work for almost 5 years now in Kindergarten 1 I really love it, I know is not so easy as there are a lot of children who can’t speak German, they just speak their language where they from, some children learn fast German or Swiss German language. I still thanks to God that I can handle it.

When I Get Bored home, I spent some time together my baby boy watching TV cartoon and some time playing with him. When he taking a nap I spent my time doing my household choirs and sometimes if I don’t need to do at home I spend my time sitting in front of my computer, chatting with my family and friends back in Philippines and my sister living in United States and doing my assignment. Sometimes I go shopping with my boy, that has make me really so feel excitement going to shop when I need something and call to my friends to meet them in the city. That’s my daily routine during weekdays during my vacation time in my work.

Fun Summer Time

It has been awhile since I post entry of this blog. Time is so tough, that’s why this blog wasn’t updated of me. I could not deny I enjoyed summer here, even just unpredictable weather, I still enjoying my family and my friends. A lot of time to hung out family and friends which is good time to bonded. Summer is perfect time, more outings, there a lot of parties to attend and meeting some people spending time together them under the sun. It’s great when the weather always like this not too cold not too hot I really loving it…It’s chilling time! When we were in the swimming at swimming pool, I just love it spending time I love it the sun is shining in the sky. My skin turning so brown when I spend a lot of time under the sun and that is not good of us is not anymore healthy. I control my self and just hide on the shadow that the sun not hit on my skin, eww!

Great Summer Time

It’s been awhile since I post new blog entry in here. It’s almost a month now huh. I don’t want this blog will out of my time but time is so tough can’t sit down long in front of my computer folks and especially at this moment we are in summer time I am often out with my friends in the weekdays, in the afternoon time and in the weekend with my husband and baby Cd. That is it, I want with them, too bad at this time I have not enough time sitting at the front of my computer. Now, I want to try to update my blog everyday or even just an 2 times a week to tell a story what happening in my day.

Anyway, summer is great time in here…though sometimes windy and rainy but its great quiet warm temperature. It is nice to spend outside with family and friends, do picnic and swim on the lake that we can’t do in cold times.

Wish you have a great summer time folks. Enjoy.

Just Enjoying

Now, let us talk about shoes the new trends at this season. This summer season, every season has new trends and this summer 2009 has new trends, fashionable dress, shoes and bag. There is no excuse to wearing fashionable dress and shoes. I like fashion, I follow the fashion trends and that’s in my lives made me more motivate beautifying my self (*laugh*) and it is said that beauty is not just for is just for living, hmmm sound good right? I just enjoying my self, just live life to the fullest, do it what you want and do it where you are happy.

When it comes to fashion I love buying shoes, last Wednesday with my friends, were in shopping bought some shirts, dresses and shoes. This is what I bought…I like it,,,cool and simple yet sophisticated.

Planning Making Photo Album Online

It’s been awhile I thought to find a web hosting service. I want to make a photo album for my baby boy and to make a private blog, a blog just for my family and friends so far. Sharing photos and making blog its very fun, sharing precious moments to them and sharing some more thoughts to them as I am far of my parents and siblings. Making website for photo album its came to my mind I thought this is good idea as it is very easy to share photos for my family and friends.

I knew making website is not so easy to do and not so easy to find web hosting now as there are many web hosting online now, it is so a bit confusing to find one which is the best. I want web hosting affordable, perfect for personal website and just for a small business online as well as reliable and high quality services. Thanks that I found top 10 web hosting reviews with rating that helps me to find a reliable and high quality web hosting services at web hosting geeks.

Web hosting geeks, is a source of web hosting services with reviews and rating where I can find best and worst services now.

If you are looking web hosting, you have better check out. Know the best services nowadays.

One Beautiful Afternoon

We had beautiful afternoon. My son and I attended mother’s day little party at my son gym school. It was a lot of desserts and snack on the table, also had drinks, teas and coffees. Baby Cedric enjoyed the moment with gym schoolmates. We- all mommies enjoyed doing handicraft works with babies. It just a beautiful afternoon that I had learned a lot for baby what they are going to learn during their toddler hood.

A Part Time Making Money At Home

Juhuu…I received my bucks from my double
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Spring Break

It’s again I am too late posting entries in my blog. I have only short time to sit down in front of my computer. It’s a kind a busy outing with my family last few days. You know when beautiful weather we just took advantage outing with my family and friends enjoying the day under the sun. Spring is sprung, surely, we had a lot of fun, love the surroundings were flowers blooms everywhere. Just enjoy with these fun spring anything what we things to do. These were the moments that I do not have enough to spend time too much in front of my computer.

Furthermore, Mother’s Day is getting very closer. My husband and I have planned out of town for just 2 days and night. We don’t have direction where to go but we have just planned out of town or maybe out of country maybe in the north of Switzerland either we attend the Filipino Mother’s day Party this Saturday night.

That is all for now folks, wish you have a great Monday to start a wonderful week.

So Thankful

I called to my friends that we have meet this coming Thursday night. This could be again our night. We are going to cinema again. We haven’t known yet what we would like going to watch in cinema, it could be comedy, drama, or maybe a thriller film to watch. I am just so excited again meeting to my friends.

Sometimes we went out and went to cinema 2 or 3 times in a month, it depends on the situation if we are not too busy. Sometime we are having hang out at the afternoon and having teas and coffees in bar and restaurant, talking and laughing in just many hours. It is nice again bonding with them. I am so much grateful having true friends and very kind friends. I am so thankful to knew them and being a part of their lives.

I am so thankful and I am happy my husband let me and gave me a time to go out at night with my friends and plus he is the one taking care of our son a 17 months old baby. He is really a best man of my life an understanding man, kind and thoughtful man. So much happy and thankful having in my life that any woman wish for.

Painting Easter Eggs

Saturday afternoon we had done buying foods for a week. After arranging foods in our ref that we had bought, therefore my husband, Cedie and I had time to paint Easter Eggs at our balcony. It was my second time painting Easter eggs the first time was in my husband friends last few years ago and last Saturday was my second time and Cedric 1st time painting Easter egg. Cedie like it also what we were doing he want also to paint, so we just let him keep painting. I enjoyed painting and my husband too, he just laughed what he has done as he said he is not good painter and not artistic am I too. Here are some photos that I have taken during the hours.

Cedie so fond of painting

He don't like that I disturb to him

Not too bad? my first paint :-)

I painted a tree

Two eggs are left :-)

Furniture I Like

Shopping for furniture for bedroom, dinning table and couch there are many choices like style, colors, artistic design and the most important good quality. The most I like furniture made of wood rustic furniture because handcrafted furniture, artistic decorative art shapes that very natural look, cultural style and unique design, for the living room and bedroom that you never find in the other furniture shop. At Scenic Furniture has huge selection of rustic furniture, rustic décor and more. At Scenic Furniture, I found out Sunrise Top Queen Sized bed furniture I like the most because very artistic style, own unique design and decorative shape, which I like the most for my casual lifestyle.

Baerenplatz In Berne

It was beautiful weather here in our place last Sunday, my husband, Cedie and I had bonding time. We went out and went to the city had spent time and ordered drinks in restaurant in Baerenplatz had some drinks coffees and teas that I really missed a lot sat down under the sun with my man. Cedie was sleeping so deeply on his stroller so me my husband had a long chitchat and enjoyed the time in restaurant.

Baerenplatz (Bärenplatz), where you can find good restaurants, a nice place to sit and chitchat together with friends and family. A nice place when it is sun out and warm weather. Sitting outside of the restaurant and there are waiters serve you fine food and to eat and drinks.

By the way, the weather is getting good and warm, I think this time a lot of outing under the sun, yippee!

Hostile Work Environment

Porn is now spreading on the net and there is a lot of pornography now. You do not know too if the computer that you are using now has pornography and viruses and that it can be affect to your work and it can be losses your company. Do you know how to detect pornography to your workplace or company? If your employee and you found hostile work environment harassment. Take legal action to the people who will wrongfully termination in the workplace. Know the answer you check at SurfRecon ERT (Emergency Response Tool) helps to your problems business.

Happy April Fool's Day

Have you forgotten that it is a fool’s day today! Its April 1st now… I want to say Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! This is the day of practical jokes to fool everyone to share to the family, friends, neighbour members and enemies.

So let us celebrate April Fools Day everyone. This is the video I want to share you…took from you tube site, hilarious, funny and prank!!!


We renovate our office room. My husband has been working for almost 2 days now in our office room, painting the wall, painting all the cabinets and fixing something for drawers and hanging some pictures frame on the wall and wires for PCs, laptop, printer and scanner. He needs some wire weld stick nails and staplers I found at Bostitch has range fastener and tool design includes collated nails, brads, staples, rings and clips.

Renovating the house, kitchen, rooms are a lot of works. There are many things and materials needs. If is not complete materials is so dissapointing, right? You even can’t do and start the works if the materials are incomplete.

Health Benefits

The time running so fast I didn’t noticed that almost midnight here now. I am not done my online tasks but I need to sleep now I’ll need to relax and rest I need to go back sleeping time routine like few years ago. Oh, my! It has been few years that I go to bed early. Actually I already did it at the first month of this year, now and then, I want will be successive. You know sleeping also our health benefits. So folks,see you later, have a good night wherever you are around the globe. Ciao…

Memorable Birthday Party

I am back blogging again after many days absent. Due of many works need to be done. The 40th birthday party of my husband it was great party night last Saturday. We had a lot of food and desserts. The guests enjoyed the night, we had program, presentation and surprises of the party and we had disco time. It was memorable night and priceless party. If you are, keeping reading my blog you check out for more stories and surprises at party night about the 40th birthday party at my click to view the photos in here. Enjoy….

That's Gives Me Courage

This morning I opened my computer and decided to hear the Christian music while I am cleaning the house. My 1 year old son was playing alone with his toys while I was busy my work. It’s feel so great listening Christian music, it’s make me more safe with comfort, the lyrics touches my hearts and I feel so strong and giving more courage in living. That Christian song makes me more stronger in living in this crazy world despite of problems and trials happening in our lives.

I love Funny Novelty T-shirt

Do you wear t-shirt? I wear t-shirt I love wearing t-shirt I feel comfortable and the most I like to wear with funny novelty t-shirt or humorous text, which is, fun and can entertain to someone. It so great that I can custom my own t-shirt with the photograph of my son through screen printing. I discovered at Custom Your Shirt offering screen printing for t-shirt that I can design my own or with my favorite photograph for my t-shirt they’re using different print technique and traditional screen printing offering affordable.

Germany Next Top Model 2009

If U.S.A has American Top model also Germany has Germany Next Top Model by Heide Klum. Yesterday night I keep changing channels in TV then I came across to the channel Pro 7 oh gosh, I was so late to notice that Germany’s Top Model by “Heide Klum” it has already started. I never thought that is already started because the Germany Search for Superstars (Sucht Deucthland Superstar) still in show every Saturday, I didn’t know the Germany Next Top Model showing every Thursday night usually this on Saturday Arggg.. Again, I am late! You know that I love watching this Germany Next Top Model.

Grocery Time

Every weekend, my son, my husband and I going to grocery buying our daily needs like food and for house hold and of course, I never forget to bring my comfortable natural reusable grocery bags and help our environment green. I love going to groceries that makes me complete being as a mom and wife. After in grocery we have dining out too that we have used every weekend. I love this routine that we used for almost 5 years now.

Spring Season

Spring is here. The coolest season I like. Leaves of trees are popping and spring flowers blooming everywhere on the streets on the fields or anywhere the beautiful time of the year that I really like. However there are people having allergies, from flowers people keep sneezing having runny nose and having itching skin and allergies from pollen they get watery eyes or red eyes and other symptoms from flowers pollen. There are treatments of those symptoms.

I am so excited this season, people excited gardening, biking, picnic, swimming and hiking on the mountains. In the other hand in this spring season, there are hot new trends in this season, clothes, shoes, flip-flops, and bags to wear. I love this season.

Web Hosting

My husband has a plan to own a website. Someday if we have website, I knew we need reliable web hosting company, affordable that costs only some penny in a month and time-to-time technical support and give everything what customers needs that is the most important if we build an online shop or website. I knew it so hard to find web hosting company as there are a lot of web hosting nowadays that makes us to confuse to find which one is the best. I am glad I discovered list of best web hosting 2009 which are rated, which is helps to find the best web hosting nowadays. This is great solution to everyone for those who are looking the best web hosting now. If you are looking for a new web hosting you better check out, you will find it.

Feeling Excited

I am almost done my works now. I’m done preparing birthday invitation that I’ll send this tomorrow morning. I am so excited for my husband grand birthday party this coming 21 of March. My Filipina friends and some friends of my husband are invited. Will going to shake our butt and hit in the night and it might be the dance floor will hot.

That is all for now folk just a little daily update in here what I have done today. Wish you had a great day.

So Sweet Fragrance

Most of women love perfume loves the scent perfume. I am the one of a woman that loving perfume. I like perfume. I want smell good and long lasting sweet fragrance. I have some collection of branded perfume including, Christian Dior, Dolce and Gabana the one, Britney Spears perfume, Chanel, Este Lauder perfume etc. I like the scent of Christian Dior, Este Lauder and the new perfume of Kylie Monique Showtime I love the scent of this perfume makes me feel so fresh, so feel comfortable, fabulous fragrance so sweet, natural fragrance and so fine scent I feel that I am on the cloud 9. So what about you, what kind of perfume do you love?

I love Handbags

I love handbags. I am fond of purses. I cannot go anywhere without my bag because I feel so comfort bringing my fave bag. In my bag, I put everything I needs, of course money my wallet, cosmetics, my gadgets mobile phone and music player and moisture paper which is the most important that I need to bring when I go anywhere.

File Extension ctt

Do you like online chat? Nowadays online chat is very popular. If you are computer literate or even you are not expert of computer to do online chat is very easy to do. Online chat is much known now and people enjoying using it.

I used Windows live messenger chatting to my friends and family. What made me surprised today this ctt file extension that made me confused. Do you hear that file extension ctt? The file extension ctt is related to windows live messenger that used to import and export a list of your contact from windows live messenger. Check out file extension ctt for more details.

Makes Enlighten My Day

I missed listening christian Music. I am glad my sister telling me about hymns and favorites dot com where I can hear Christian music. I really love listening Christian music that entertain and makes enlighten my day. The songs are so meaningfully and is so worthy to worshipped HIM. Eventhough I am not present in the church my presence are to God and I still believe in him. Opps I knew I am out of topic but I want only to tell you what I feel now. I feel so overwhelming about what I found a Christian music just at hymns and favourites dot com.

Chatted To My Family And Relatives

I chatted to my cousins and friend in the morning. We talked through yahoo messenger and talking on the phone using headphone from YM while showing my webcam. They were happy they saw my son as what they said so handsome and have a white skin. It was long time I have not talk to them as we had lost contact. I thanks to my sister she gave to me their yahoo Id that’s why I am happy again to have contact to my relatives way back in Philippines. I am longing to my family and relatives way back in Philippines. I wish I’ll be there this year.

81st Oscar Awards 2009

Have you watched 81 Oscar awards 2009? This is the one biggest movie/ Hollywood event of the year. Kate Winslet won best actress and best supporting actress Penelope Cruz. Heath Ledger won for Best supporting Actor and the best Actor was Sean Penn. All these celebrities they deserved it. The Best Picture goes to Slumdog Millionaire. I watched this movie (Slumdog Millionaire) last January it is really good movie that inspired to all people especially now we are in the hard times. Slumdog Millionaire total in all won 8 Oscars awards including awards best pictures, best directing, original score and cinematography.

I know it was truly remarkable of Oscar awards. The awards night lasted memorable moments to everyone.

G by Guess Sacred Satchel

I have not bought new purse for a while. This afternoon when my baby and I went to Gymboree for children school, before we went home we dropped by to the boutique store in the city. They have handbag brand name sale like Guess, DKNY, Prada, Ralp Lauren, Naf Naf, Calvin Klein Fossil, Morgan de toi, Mexx, Tommy Hilfiger, and fossil. I chose Guess Satchel Sacred bag very cute and cozy. I just in love the color and the design bright shiny patent leather bag that is good and perfect for spring and summer season handbag.

Happy Valentines Day!

It’s late at night now here in place, it’s already middle of the night I never noticed that time running so fast while I am updating my other blog and posting some entries.

This I what I’m want to say here Happy Valentines Day to my dear friends, co-bloggers, guests and readers of my blog!
It’s Valentines day now. Romance time and love time, giving gifts, flowers, candies and chocolates.
I just wish you have a happy valentines day.
Enjoy the day, enjoy the romance day with your loved ones.

Happy Valentines day!

5 Years Now In Switzerland

I am 5 years now here in Switzerland I arrived in Zürich Kloten Airport last January 28, 2004 at 7:00 AM in the morning. It was the 1st day and 1st night with my husband, he still my fiancée that time. I could never forget my first international travel experienced and living without my parents and without my siblings just with my man that my husband to be on that time. In 5 years now living with my husband, we have almost 15 months old wonderful boy that could not value a big things, he is the greatest gift of all. I am happy with my family and our love more stronger.

Photo with my husband and my son.

Hilot Movie

I want to watch this kind of Movie “Hilot” producing actress Melissa Mendez. Maybe if I am in the Philippines I’m going to watch this movie. I found out very interesting movie that a must see (read synopsis below). Hmm… it’s long to wait for me I’ll be there in Philippines at Autumn season…. Yeah know the time flies so fast, right? The movie “Hilot” is now showing at all SM cinemas and Robinsons cinemas. Just open this page for more information

Here is the synopsis from Official webpage of Hilot:

Did you know that one out of four pregnancies end up in abortion? The movie is about the gruesome fate of the people who have gone through abortion and the gruelling effects and remorse it brought about in the lives of the people involved. The story centers on Amparo (Melissa Mendez), a'hilot' (traditional midwife) who executes induced abortion among women with unwanted pregnancies. Her fifteen year old daughter, Carmen (Empress Schuck) serves as her aide.
Disinclined and hostile to Amparo's practices, Carmen does extremely well in school academically despite all the intrigues, harassment and put-up jobs among her fellow students. She characterized herself like a fetus inside a small cask, alive yet blind, deaf and mute. Carmen grew up in an old wooden house that stood in the midst of a busy and highly commercialized area in Quiapo with Amparo and Amang, an old and disabled man revealed to be her own father in the middle of the story.
The house tagged as a horror house seems to be an eyesore in the busy community as more and more buyers would want to acquire it to build a newly low-cost condominium building to benefit more people, but to no avail because Amparo would not sell the house and lot.
One regular client, Claudia (Glenda Garcia), fresh from working in Japan, came into the house to have her third abortion. Right after the procedure, upon seeing the image of a blessed Virgin Mary carrying a child, she realized the significance of life and the mistakes that she has commited not only to the three lives in her womb but mostly to God. There will be an atonement on Claudia's part towards the end of the story where she will be seen inside the Quiapo church carrying an incurable sickness. Amang's life came to an end despite all the hardships and the long years of existence. It was God's will and all of us will leave this earth in God's time.
Carmen apparently becomes more reprimanding and aware about her mother's illegal practices. A pro-life advocate who loves kids, Carmen always dreamed about a bunch of healthy and smiling children full of happiness, full of life. One day, one of her classmates Lani, commissioned Amparo for an abortion session with her boyfriend, Nick, also her fellow classmate. Lani died of infection. The school denounced the incident as more and more students are engaged in early sexual activities and what would be the consequences, early motherhood or abortion. Amparo gets imprisoned and sentenced to a seven year term.
Life must go on, after several years of struggles, Carmen finishes her degree and now a diligent pre-school teacher. Amparo died a natural death after serving her sentence. Life is truly a gift from heaven no matter how long it is, only God can seize. What's more important is for us to learn our significance to others. The story ends while Carmen recounts her childhood memories to her adopted child in front of a proposed condominium building being constructed in the middle of a busy and highly commercialized area in Quiapo that would serve many families.
Lessons have been learned from the many mistakes that Amparo did and those who partook of abortion instead of giving importance and significance to life that the Lord has given all of us. Our lives have been given to us by God and only He can take it from us. We have no right to kill the lives that exist in the wombs of women.


I Am Missing Her

It’s been 3 weeks since I chatted to my sister. When she was online today, I quickly buzz her and greet her. She quickly replied and one of our topics we talked about her Christmas in Michigan with her in-laws. She said they went to Christmas party in golf club of her father in-law; she was telling me that they had a lot of delicious food and a lot of desserts. She shared some pictures that she took last Christmas. When I was looking her picture with her husband I could say that I really missed them and talking to my sister, I missed them and I hope sooner we can get together again just like past few years.

My sister and I in the shopping last 2007 during her visit with her husband

Dating Tips

Our world now facing global financial crisis, rich people are getting richer and poor people are getting poorer. Is sad to say that but that is the reality. Because we’re facing global financial crisis there are more scammers too. There are lots of businesses scams or they sent a mail and saying you that you won a price! Oh yah we received mails sometimes but we never believed because that’s scam! Now we surrounded illegal agencies, internet frauds and dating scams. In internet, there is lots of fraud now. If you are in dating sites online and looking for love one across the world, you must check first the dating tips online to be aware of dating scams and to protect yourself against online scammers.

As we, all know that there are scammers everywhere in the world. It’s true there are scammer that we can find in online dating sites. As financial crisis arise especially countries striving due to economy, they tend to scam people or seduce men in order they can get money from them. Regarding that matter, my opinion also is that it depends on the man, I guess they knew it but some are willing to help or give them money and I’m sure men are aware of that nowadays.

My Digital Photo Frame

I got a digital photo frame from my beloved Santa this Christmas. I loved it….this my wish last summer and at last at Christmas day I received it.

Why I love the gift from my Santa? It is cool and stylish Digital Photo Frame I can play music, videos and photo slideshows see how so cool? It is a high-tech version of a picture frame where you can display your collection photos, videos and with music, with quick, touch border and easy to use just a touch and a slide of your finger on the border. Transfering the photos, videos and music is so easy and quick just using SD card. To make fit to my home decor I can choose cranberry red and silver colors border frame, sound good, right?
Is now hanging on our wall in living room and playing music and videos. Oh yay, I love it.

What you have received this Christmas? Share it now!