5 Years Now In Switzerland

I am 5 years now here in Switzerland I arrived in Zürich Kloten Airport last January 28, 2004 at 7:00 AM in the morning. It was the 1st day and 1st night with my husband, he still my fiancée that time. I could never forget my first international travel experienced and living without my parents and without my siblings just with my man that my husband to be on that time. In 5 years now living with my husband, we have almost 15 months old wonderful boy that could not value a big things, he is the greatest gift of all. I am happy with my family and our love more stronger.

Photo with my husband and my son.

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~~Devita~~ said...

Oh... your son is so handsome, and you are more beautiful each day, and your husband.. uhm.. its your husband, I should stop saying things. Lol.

have a great day sister!!!