My Digital Photo Frame

I got a digital photo frame from my beloved Santa this Christmas. I loved it….this my wish last summer and at last at Christmas day I received it.

Why I love the gift from my Santa? It is cool and stylish Digital Photo Frame I can play music, videos and photo slideshows see how so cool? It is a high-tech version of a picture frame where you can display your collection photos, videos and with music, with quick, touch border and easy to use just a touch and a slide of your finger on the border. Transfering the photos, videos and music is so easy and quick just using SD card. To make fit to my home decor I can choose cranberry red and silver colors border frame, sound good, right?
Is now hanging on our wall in living room and playing music and videos. Oh yay, I love it.

What you have received this Christmas? Share it now!

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