Makes Enlighten My Day

I missed listening christian Music. I am glad my sister telling me about hymns and favorites dot com where I can hear Christian music. I really love listening Christian music that entertain and makes enlighten my day. The songs are so meaningfully and is so worthy to worshipped HIM. Eventhough I am not present in the church my presence are to God and I still believe in him. Opps I knew I am out of topic but I want only to tell you what I feel now. I feel so overwhelming about what I found a Christian music just at hymns and favourites dot com.

Chatted To My Family And Relatives

I chatted to my cousins and friend in the morning. We talked through yahoo messenger and talking on the phone using headphone from YM while showing my webcam. They were happy they saw my son as what they said so handsome and have a white skin. It was long time I have not talk to them as we had lost contact. I thanks to my sister she gave to me their yahoo Id that’s why I am happy again to have contact to my relatives way back in Philippines. I am longing to my family and relatives way back in Philippines. I wish I’ll be there this year.

81st Oscar Awards 2009

Have you watched 81 Oscar awards 2009? This is the one biggest movie/ Hollywood event of the year. Kate Winslet won best actress and best supporting actress Penelope Cruz. Heath Ledger won for Best supporting Actor and the best Actor was Sean Penn. All these celebrities they deserved it. The Best Picture goes to Slumdog Millionaire. I watched this movie (Slumdog Millionaire) last January it is really good movie that inspired to all people especially now we are in the hard times. Slumdog Millionaire total in all won 8 Oscars awards including awards best pictures, best directing, original score and cinematography.

I know it was truly remarkable of Oscar awards. The awards night lasted memorable moments to everyone.

G by Guess Sacred Satchel

I have not bought new purse for a while. This afternoon when my baby and I went to Gymboree for children school, before we went home we dropped by to the boutique store in the city. They have handbag brand name sale like Guess, DKNY, Prada, Ralp Lauren, Naf Naf, Calvin Klein Fossil, Morgan de toi, Mexx, Tommy Hilfiger, and fossil. I chose Guess Satchel Sacred bag very cute and cozy. I just in love the color and the design bright shiny patent leather bag that is good and perfect for spring and summer season handbag.

Happy Valentines Day!

It’s late at night now here in place, it’s already middle of the night I never noticed that time running so fast while I am updating my other blog and posting some entries.

This I what I’m want to say here Happy Valentines Day to my dear friends, co-bloggers, guests and readers of my blog!
It’s Valentines day now. Romance time and love time, giving gifts, flowers, candies and chocolates.
I just wish you have a happy valentines day.
Enjoy the day, enjoy the romance day with your loved ones.

Happy Valentines day!