Learned How To Drive

I do not know if this is helpful for you, but I want to share to you why I learned so fast to drive a car, maybe this would be also helpful for you if you’re learning to drive a car. Sometimes my husband and I go often to go to carnivals to drive a bump car (I do not know if you are familiar of bump car, which we called this in Philippines) I always urged to my husband that I want to drive a bump car or play the games even is only good for teenagers but I still drive this bump car and go to the arcade. Through in the arcade, which has a motorcycle and driving a car, it helps me to learn on how to drive a real car. During my learning days to drive a car I am glad, my husband had a patience teaching on me how to drive a car too. When he was teaching to drive a car, he wondered why I was so quick to use the steering wheel. I knew some people have a problem about steering wheel, as if one of my friend she has a problem of that and even the gear to the other people is not so easy to them but I am glad I learned so fast how to use the gear, I learned so quickly. When you are in learning to drive a car is not so easy at the first time because you feel nervous and panic, but if you do seriously and you really want to drive a car and want to have a license do it and say to yourself, “why others can do why can’t I?”. That saying keeps me more encourage when I am in challenge. Last December 2006 I am glad I passed my driving exam and I got my driver license. I am happy I learned not automatic car which is the advantage is I can drive a car whether automatic or not automatic. That was a big challenge on me, because driving a car or taking a driving test here in our place is not so easy they are so strict and they have many ways to go until we can have a driving license.

Advantage Rent A Car

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Hi, thanks God, I finished adding some links of my co-bloggers who were leaving a messages in my tag board and replied to some bloggers who visited my blog. If you are not in my link list feel free to leave your message in my tag board I surely add you then.
It was my work day today, my chief told me that she will increase my salary because I had already my diploma which I got last year in the month of August. When my chief telling that she will increase my salary, I was so surprised and my eyes were big and made me so much happy! I told to my husband about that, he said, “Is high salary for you”. I can say about my work, is not so tiring, I am happy with children, and I love my work too. I work, sometimes just sitting (lol he-he-he that is not kind of work but I just sitting down sometimes in my work hahaha) (lol) looking at the children while they are doing something, and teaching them how to paint, singing, and etc.

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Just Say Good Night

I have work tomorrow folks, it is almost 12 midnight now here in our place, I don’t feel sleepy, my husband and just watched the movie in TV titled Spanglish starring Adam Sandler but before I went to bed now, let me say you to all my co-bloggers, my friends, Good night or Good Day wherever you are from! See you on your page tomorrow, and I will add you if you're done adding my link to your page therefore do not worry about your link if not already showing in my tagboard i'll add you when I came back home from my work, just leave a note in my tagboard.

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Feel Not Good

Today, I woke up early in the morning and after lunch I did my house hold chores, I cleaned our bathroom because it was one week now already that I did not clean and after cleaning the bathroom I did vacuum our whole flat. I am thankful I did clean our flat today because I do not like that our flat look like messy. In addition, in the afternoon, I did iron our clothes but I continued to iron our clothed tomorrow it is seems I feel so tired now and I need some rest. Sometimes when my husband arrived from his work, I keep telling to him that I feel so tired; I have backache, so feel so weak everyday and feel not good. That is all for now folks. Have a nice week ahead.

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Stick Arround His Mouth

Look at my baby in this photo. He is so happy and enjoying playing with this plate. My husband used this plate when he was eating Mexican food. While my husband watching TV, I took shot of my son while he is playing, I keep laughing to my baby because of his look, which the food are stick on his hands and around his mouth. He is so cute....

The Secret Works With A New Earth

All of us has ego, sometimes we let the ego be with us often, which is not good and sometimes you say to yourself you are better than to the other person, which is means that is “ego” because of the ego you do not realized that you hurt to someone and at the end you suffer what you have done. Sometimes we have problem and we do not know what we should do when it comes to trials in our life. Life is hard sometimes but the important we know on how to accept what life we have right now and also struggling in this world how to overcome any difficulties in daily life. When I was browsing, I came across to this Sedona method, which they have the bridge between the secret works with a new earth, which you can learn how you can handle of this emotional feelings of ego and how we can reach our goals which is our purpose in this world. The Sedona method, which is great because it can help you to improve your self from physical, from emotional suffering. Being positive in life, we can be successful whatever goals in our life, because if we will just keep murmuring and without doing something it can lead us not to be successful. The Sedona method I highly recommend to all and learn the secret works with a new earth now, the Sedona method will support you and help you. Check this website now sedona.com and get your free dvd, cd, MP3 gifts right now and sign up also to get your free subscription to the Sedona method success and well-being newsletter and free insider guide to the Sedona method e-reports!

My Old El Paso Mexican Food Recipe

My husband and I, we both like Mexican food, like this Old El Paso or Taco. We bought Old El Paso soft pad and sauces last weekend and this is what we had delicious dinner Old El Paso with vegetables. I just cooked different vegetables I mixed, and at first, I warmed up the Old El Paso pad before to put the vegetable in the pad. Then I put this two different sauce, its quiet look funny because I put a little bit the mushroom each side on the plate and at the top, then I wrapped then in a minute volaaa yummy. My husband compared the Mexican restaurant and my own cook Old El Paso recipes, which he said my food that I cooked is perfect taste for him. Wow! I was surprised that my husband said to me that my Old El Paso recipe taste better than in the "Mexican Restaurant" that we have been last year.

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Sunny Weekend

Today at lunchtime, my husband my baby and I went to restaurant and we had yummy foods. It was nice weather today, blue sky and cool warm wind. This is a signed that the weather will getting better. Last night I watched news on TV and I am glad, we had sunny weekend, I am sure for that (lol). We have no plan yet what we are going to do this weekend, we just need to look first at online theme parks lol or go up to the mountains back to mountains hopping hehehe… That is all for now folks, see you later on in your blog when I can.

Skin Firming Cream Body Wrap

Last night, I told my husband to buy me a new skin cream as I do not have a chance to go to in the mall as I have a baby to taking care of and it is somewhat a hassle for me bringing him in the mall since he is still small. When he gets home he forgot to buy and tonight I am searching a skin firming lotion and I found this goo4swap.com, which sells body wraps that they have variety for skin cream, like for slimming skin, for weight loss home wrap kit, for cellulite body wrap and others. Do you often go to spa? I knew it, when you are in spa you spend a lot of money, Goo4swap.com that sells skin firming cream body wraps and lotion. Skin firming cream products is designed to tighten and firm skin anywhere in your body, including for fat reduction, loose belly skin, is made from Rhassoul Clay, seaweeds, omegas and other great firming ingredients to tighten for skin. So now, you do not need to go in spa anymore, you can just do at your home anytime. In addition, their products are affordable price. What are you waiting for? get skin firming cream in their site now!

I have A Chance

Hi folks, good day to you all? How are you today? Today morning I saw my husband stood up early 5:00 AM I thought he take shower but not! I was happy he slept back and thought he is not going to their main office to travel early and just stay at home and work in our home office room, but at almost 6:00 AM he woke up and took shower, I was wrong! He travels again going to their main office. Well, that is ok for me, he work hard for us and for my baby for our future. I hope soon he stay on his own office, he is alone on his office no co-workers, but today again, he is their main office. When he was gone, I went back to my sleep with my son, I was glad I did slept a little bit and until now my son still on deep sleeping, it is good for me I can have a little update of my blogs and I have a chance to peek some blogs of my co-bloggers. That is all for about my daily routines update folks. Have a nice day to you all. See you on your page later on.

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Made Me Impressed

Today morning it was my workday. I thought I will be late at my work, I was so late stand up on our bed and I thought the time is not enough to go my work but pretty good I arrived early. At my work today, it was going smoothly and the children they made me impressed they are behaved. Sometimes they are wild and they fight each other but today they did well. I like my job which is good for me which I can learn their personality. The photos took last week during my workday.

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Congratulations To My Younger Sis

This is my younger sister. She graduated in high school last month. Congratulations for my sister! When I came here in Switzerland (where I live), she will graduate in Elementary school, the year passing by so fast, now, this coming summer she is in college, she decided to get BS nurse course. I am glad my sister finished her high school. What I wish for her is to finish her course in college BS nurse. Wish for her best! Good luck to you younger sis! Missing you all there!

Create Debates, Produce Arguments in Polarate.com

My husband and I sometimes talked about the attitude and personality of the kids here in our place and also we talked about the difference between the culture or beliefs in Philippines and here in Switzerland. As a human being we have individual differences like our personality, our likes, dislikes, goals etc. I knew that they have different attitude than I have, since I am an Asian, I was browsing today and I found this polarate.com which was founded by three U.C. Berkeley students and in this site polarate.com you produce a complete understanding of beliefs, relationship and human personality and you can debates or you can create a community around your interest. Polarate is very helpful site that you can explore and learn more about the beliefs of humans and it is the place expressing yourself and beliefs and besides you can discuss and share your opinions or polarizes debates between two sides and it really interests me since I am seeking also a site to discuss about human belief and it is fun when it comes in that topic. The arguments, which are submitted and voted from users, if you have something to share or express you feelings about the personality of the human, relationship and beliefs join now at polarate.com, it is free!

Noodles For a Dinner

Pancit (noodles) for a dinner. I was so glad my husband like it the taste because last week I cooked, it was a little bit salted (lol) but now it taste perfect, yummy! I am glad my husband likes what I cooked for him or what I put on our table. He is not so picky. I am so proud to have him in my life. Yay!

Efficient Office Furniture

My husband found his office for his work and need more office furniture, like table, chairs and so on, so that look nice and he need furniture suit to his room office. When I was browsing looking modern furniture for my husband office, I came across spacify.com, which offers home and office furniture new style and functionality from the Italian and European companies. They have modern office furniture which my husband like their style and look elegant office furniture. Checks out their website now for more information about spacify.com just click the link.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Of The World

Photo background Matterhorn (the known Toblerone Chocolate Alp) the most beautiful mountain of the world and one of the highest peaks in the Alps 4,478 above sea level. The vacation was amazing and unforgetable moments with my beloved family, my husband, my sis and older bro. It was amazing vacation in Valais, Zermat with them. It is nice to back again in there.

Photo Book Of My Baby Boy

My mom and dad they are so excited to see their grandson(as they are new grandparents too) my baby boy is 1st grandson of my parents and my younger sis and my brothers wanted to see my baby boy their 1st new nephew. They are so excited to see him even just in photos. I chatted them sometimes in yahoo messenger and showed in webcam but they wanted to have too a pictures of my baby boy. I am glad my husband told me to arrange and personalized the photos which I put in the album and he told me the about ifolor.ch site which I can upload the photos and make photo book. It has been one week now, I am not finishing personalized photo book of my baby boy, geeezz! I felt so tired and felt lazy to arrange these photos, but I think this week will be finished and send to this site and in one week the photo book will arrived and I send then to my family in Philippines.

I Started Blog Hopping From My Blogroll

It has seems four days now I did not post new entry in this blog. I do not know what I should write here. You know, I do not like that my blog being idle, I like to update everyday but I felt tired and lazy to update my blog. As of now, I am quite busy taking care of my baby boy too and here in our place the weather are getting better everyday, that is why I am not always in front of my computer. Yesterday, I started blog hopping from my blogroll but not to my entire co-blog roll I visited because my attention always to my baby; he made naughty so that stay beside on him and play with him. If I get a chance to sit down infront of my computer I will do visit to my co-bloggers from my blogroll this time, therefore, keep it up guys my link is still there in your blogroll. You know, is not so easy to blog hop as being a mom, I have a little boy need my attention, and I have bunch of links in my blogroll. If you are not in my blogroll, do not hesitate to leave a note, I reply you back. That is all for now folks. Have a great Sunday to everyone. See you in your blog later on.

First Picking Tulips This Year

I was picking tulips while my husband enjoying taking pictures. I never thought he did video and taking pictures while I was enjoying picking tulips. This is my first picking tulips this year spring time season. Look at the photos below, so fantastic view fantastic from where we were standing. The people living in this place are so lucky they have beautiful view from their house. How I wish I could have a house also with this beautiful view and everyday when is good weather I can see the amazing view from my house?

my baby sleeping on his car sit

3gb Community

A week ago, I was browsing online community to find my old friends and my classmates back to my homeland Philippines. I was glad I found 3gb community which is the newest social community network nowadays, which is very good one social community because I can upload photos album which I can share to my olds friends and classmates and I can create blog too, that I can share to them. This 3gb community network which is also good one because they has chat system, that I can chat my old friends and also they has music system that I can hear last mp3 hits which are uploaded from the members of 3gb community. What are you waiting for, meet new friends, your old friends and chat to them join 3gb community www.3gb.biz now.

Are They Looking Funny?

Look at this photo; my husband and my baby boy in this photo. Guess guys, what are they doing out there? Ha-ha-ha, what do you think folks? Are they looking funny of their position? (lol ha-ha-ha) tsk tsk tsk.. They are not doing poo (lol). My husband introduces to my baby boy these beautiful swans. On that time there are swan female and male kissing each other, (as we knew they have long neck as you can see in this photo) it was really amazing, its forms heart while they facing each other while kissing, it was a great pity of me, I was too late to take a photo of these two swan while they are kissing. That was my first time I saw swans kissing. When I got my camera, they are finished kissing (he-he-he). Goshh!

Meet New Friends and Old Friends Through 3gb Community

Making friends online is great especially you can meet new friends all around the globe, different places, different culture, language and lifestyle. When I was browsing today, I found www.3gb.biz. Through this site you can make friends or meet new friends, old friends or your relatives and even your family, you can share your experiences in life by creating your personal blog, and you can share your photos by uploading you photos albums and chat with them or chat with the other members and hear the last mp3 hits. I signed up to this site in order that I can share more photos album of my baby boy to my family, my friends and to my relatives. Join 3gb community www.3gb.biz now, get connected and meet new friends all around the globe.

My Baby Enjoying This Aquarium Take Along Swing

This is the latest photo of my baby boy. Look at him in this photo, he is so proud of his swing of how he so enjoying with these stuff. He enjoys swinging in this automatic swing with music and lights, each side has fishes stuff and he love to play with them. He slept well while swinging and sometimes when I am doing cleaning our house, doing iron and cooking at the kitchen he just stay in this swing, playing with the stuff and keep looking at me while I am doing household chores. I am so glad we bought this kind of stuff before he was born. While my baby enjoying swinging and I have a chance to do the household chores while my baby staying in this swing.

Thousand of Recipes and Drinks at Food Connect

Being a mom and a wife, our role is to look what we cook everyday and we are the master in the kitchen, this is my role being a mom and a wife. I cook food everyday for my husband for my baby boy and sometimes I invite to my friends to have a dinner or lunch in our house and sometimes my husband helped me to cook when we have an occasion, like birthday party. When I was browsing today looking for an online recipes, I am glad I found foodconnect.com site. I signed up to this site to have more ideas of what to cook everyday and which food is good for my husband too because he is on diet. I found they have thousands of recipes and drinks they have desserts recipes, including cakes, appetizers recipes, for breakfast recipes, main food as well as like quick and easy to cook for holidays and celebrations or for diabetic recipes, for vegetarian recipes and many more. When I was browsing in their site, I came across to this Angel food cake II recipe, which is so easy to prepare, not too many recipes and the Banana-oat muffins which I like to try to bake too which is good for diet and not to much fat recipes. The food that you can find has a review and rated up to five stars how good it is or how good the food or the recipe is. If you have recipe, you can submit your recipe in their site for free nutritional analysis and if you are looking for holidays and for celebrations recipes, you can find it in their website too. In addition, in foodconnect.com, you can share your recipe to other people and which is interesting, what are you waiting for? Get your best recipes at foodconnect.com now. Sign up, be a member and share your recipe to all.

Cute Baby Wearing Sunglass

Look at my baby boy he is now so big. He is 5 months and 3 day now. He look so cute wearing sunglass. He is enjoying wearing mom’s sunglass. My husband and I tried to wear him a sunglass we thought that he would irritate wearing this sunglass but my husband and I amazed he like to wear the sunglass. He just smiled and laughed while my husband taking shots.

More picture dad :-)

Low Cost Car Rental in Israel

My husband and I, we like travel. One time we talked about Israel having vacation in there, as I have also a friend there living in Tel Aviv as she is working as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). I urged to my husband to visit her someday and I would like to visit also this interesting country. I am glad I found the car hire Israel which they offer affordable price to rent a car. It is good to know that there is a rental car that we can reserve online so that when we are there we do not need to worry in transportation and no hassle anymore finding a rental car in there and I am sure we are going to enjoy our vacation there. They have nice model car hire which is just low cost. If you are having a vacation in Israel don’t forget to book online just click through this link car hire Israel or just click the link that I provided above.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Danielle Radcliff (Harry Potter), He is growing up, looking good, a great wizard of Hogwarts and a heart rob of a billion girls? Dan is now currently in UK shooting for “Half Blood Prince” The Harry Potter Movie. I am looking forward to this movie, as what I read this would be the great movie, brilliant and the funniest Potter movie. Last episode of Dan Radcliff in Harry Potter, Katie Leung (Cho Chang), Harry has first kissed on the last episode of Harry Potter, what could be the next of this? The jealousy between Ron and Hermoine in this new episode of Harry Potter movie? What so exciting movie! The movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be release this year November 21 2008. I cannot wait to watch this movie.

Experience the Wild Western Town Sioux City Gran Canaria

Almost one year now since my husband and I came from our vacation in Gran Canary Island but I am still dreaming of those days our unforgettable and amazing vacation. Sioux City is the one place that we have visited, is the western theme park in Gran Canary Island. They have many different shows which my husband and I enjoyed watching the fantastic shows including "Duel until death", "Bank Robbery", "Town Square Hanging" and "Indian Rain Dance" among the most popular, complete with cowboys, Indians, Mexicans and of course a sheriff. The show was great with cattle, cows, shootouts, knife throwing and with can can girls. We enjoyed the show in every minute. One man asked to my husband if he could go to the stage and join the contest. My husband wondered what they are going to do. There were 10 people on the contest. The host was showing to them of what they are going to do, just shooting the gun of how they are so fast shooting, every two persons will present, and do shoot each other. My husband did not win (lol) against to the man (also tourist). I think my husband just so slowly shooting (he-he-he) Furthermore, the place is look amazing and making you feel like you are in wild western town with cowboys and Indians and with the sandy streets. They have restaurant, which is excellent food and great service. I am glad husband and I we did not missed this theme park. It was great experienced of us visited this Sioux City in Canary Island. This show definitely must see in Gran Canary Island.

Photo above Entrance of Sioux City Theme Park.

The start of the show

Fantastic View from Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence Italy

The photo took shot from Piazzale Michelangelo. These were during our vacation in Florence Italy last year. This is the one place that my husband I visited. We rode the bus sightseeing tour to reach the hill Piazzale Michelangel, which we heard that this is the place must be see in Florence. When we were there, fantastic view. We stayed in many hours and we were having little snack in restaurant. They had yummy food (great food), while we were having a snack we enjoyed too looking the beautiful view from the restaurant. Piazzale Michelangelo Florence Italy, reowned for its panoramic view of Florence and Arno Valley. This terrace is popular spot of Florence people and tourist. Created as part of major restructuring of the city walls, Giuseppe Poggi's sumptuous terrace is typically 19th century.

Photo above with a restaurant which we were having a snack.

Posed at the back is the city of Florence


Nowadays there are some people suffering HIV. When I was browsing today checking about HIV, I found www.samedaydoctor.co.uk, which is a private clinic samedaydoctor TM Private Doctor in London and Manchester. They are open sameday, early morning, evening, and Saturday and Sunday appointments anytime you can call or email to them. They are willing to help you; they are professional and best service. If you are suffering HIV, consult now to samedaydoctor and open their site through this www.samedaydoctor.co.uk for more information. I found www.samedaydoctor.co.uk site from www.prbuzz.com a press realease that you can read below.

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About 98% of HIV tests carried out at samedaydoctor are negative, but there is a team of counsellors and HIV specialists who are able to offer support to the minority of patients whose HIV test results come back positive.

“Anxiety about HIV is an illness in itself,” Dr Gerlis says, “What we offer is peace of mind to people. The risk of HIV is quite low but the anxiety and guilt surrounding the illness drives people to despair, sometimes to the point of suicide. It is unreasonable to expect the NHS to step in to meet this need, and in my view, it is entirely appropriate that the excess demand for HIV testing can be met by the private sector.”

Since the 1990s the number of people being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection has been rising continually, largely among young people and gay men.

“Gay men in London have the highest incidence of HIV compared with anywhere in the world – more than in Africa, Asia or the US”, says Dr Simon Portsmouth, an HIV specialist at samedaydoctor. “Anything that makes getting an HIV test easier, less stressful and more accessible will hopefully reassure or diagnose more hidden infection.”

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My baby saw a horse in real at the first time

We were at Zoo Berne last Sunday. I took this one photo shot while my husband introduced the horse to our baby. He keep looking at the horse so critics but I think is not so interesting for our baby ha-ha-ha. It was funny when my baby saw a new thing or animals because his eyebrows are keep crossing. (lol) It was his first time to saw this kind of animal. We knew that all are new to him but it is also time to show him.

Financial Advisor George Divel III

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Enjoy Life To The Fullest

Hi readers and my co-bloggers, Good morning, I just want to say to greet you have a good day! :-) Let us enjoy the day, enjoy life to the fullest, life is precious because we have only one life to live. Let us love one another and respect. Have a good day to you! :-)

Calm and Beautiful Place in St. Blaise Park Neuchatel

Last weekend my husband, my baby and I went to Neuchatel a French language town that people speak fine French here in Switzerland, drove a car within 35 minutes from our place. Were just roaming around near by lake at St. Blaise Park and having a little picnic. We love this place is calm and beautiful place that you can see the Alps of berner oberland. My husband lived within 9 years in this place and learned French language. When I arrived here in Switzerland, he decided to live in Bern Capital City of Switzerland for good. I knew my husband how he missed this place because is beautiful and romantic place. We keep visiting in this place in spring, summer and autumn season when the weather is cool, we did picnic / grill and swim in the lake, playing badminton and volleyball with my friends. There are the photos last weekend. Yesterday my baby and I went to my friend house and we had a lot of fun with the kids and my friends. Check it out photos here caught yesterday at my friend house.

My baby boy laying on our picnic mat :-)

Husband enjoying his trophy (lol)

Enjoying the calm and cool breeze air of spring time