I have A Chance

Hi folks, good day to you all? How are you today? Today morning I saw my husband stood up early 5:00 AM I thought he take shower but not! I was happy he slept back and thought he is not going to their main office to travel early and just stay at home and work in our home office room, but at almost 6:00 AM he woke up and took shower, I was wrong! He travels again going to their main office. Well, that is ok for me, he work hard for us and for my baby for our future. I hope soon he stay on his own office, he is alone on his office no co-workers, but today again, he is their main office. When he was gone, I went back to my sleep with my son, I was glad I did slept a little bit and until now my son still on deep sleeping, it is good for me I can have a little update of my blogs and I have a chance to peek some blogs of my co-bloggers. That is all for about my daily routines update folks. Have a nice day to you all. See you on your page later on.


Faisal Admar said...

You son is so cute. I hope you and your family will be happy ever after. =)

Raft3R said...

hi, velle!
care to exchange links
let me know once you added mine so so i can return the favor asap
happy weekend

hope to hear from you soon!

Pretty Life Online said...

We're just blessed to have an internet access, sooo easy to connect with the world... Happy blogging and have a great day! ... Girl di ba sa Switzerland you? mag katabi lang pala tau eh... Hope you'll visit my corner too...