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My husband and I sometimes talked about the attitude and personality of the kids here in our place and also we talked about the difference between the culture or beliefs in Philippines and here in Switzerland. As a human being we have individual differences like our personality, our likes, dislikes, goals etc. I knew that they have different attitude than I have, since I am an Asian, I was browsing today and I found this which was founded by three U.C. Berkeley students and in this site you produce a complete understanding of beliefs, relationship and human personality and you can debates or you can create a community around your interest. Polarate is very helpful site that you can explore and learn more about the beliefs of humans and it is the place expressing yourself and beliefs and besides you can discuss and share your opinions or polarizes debates between two sides and it really interests me since I am seeking also a site to discuss about human belief and it is fun when it comes in that topic. The arguments, which are submitted and voted from users, if you have something to share or express you feelings about the personality of the human, relationship and beliefs join now at, it is free!

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