My Baby Enjoying This Aquarium Take Along Swing

This is the latest photo of my baby boy. Look at him in this photo, he is so proud of his swing of how he so enjoying with these stuff. He enjoys swinging in this automatic swing with music and lights, each side has fishes stuff and he love to play with them. He slept well while swinging and sometimes when I am doing cleaning our house, doing iron and cooking at the kitchen he just stay in this swing, playing with the stuff and keep looking at me while I am doing household chores. I am so glad we bought this kind of stuff before he was born. While my baby enjoying swinging and I have a chance to do the household chores while my baby staying in this swing.


stev & emz said...

hahaha.. ang cute naman nya mukhang behave na behave sya ha. =)

Vannie said...

hai kagigil naman. ang cute ng boy mo..^_^

add mo rin new site ko lovell!

Pretty Life Online said...

so cute!!! thanks for dropping by, hope to see you aleays around pretty... ano pala salita niya sa Switzerland? 4 language ang swiss diba?