Are They Looking Funny?

Look at this photo; my husband and my baby boy in this photo. Guess guys, what are they doing out there? Ha-ha-ha, what do you think folks? Are they looking funny of their position? (lol ha-ha-ha) tsk tsk tsk.. They are not doing poo (lol). My husband introduces to my baby boy these beautiful swans. On that time there are swan female and male kissing each other, (as we knew they have long neck as you can see in this photo) it was really amazing, its forms heart while they facing each other while kissing, it was a great pity of me, I was too late to take a photo of these two swan while they are kissing. That was my first time I saw swans kissing. When I got my camera, they are finished kissing (he-he-he). Goshh!

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stev & emz said...

oh.. too bad u missed an amazing shot. thats ok.. that is a good shot of a father and son. =) i have a tag for u sis ricka. its in this link =)