Experience the Wild Western Town Sioux City Gran Canaria

Almost one year now since my husband and I came from our vacation in Gran Canary Island but I am still dreaming of those days our unforgettable and amazing vacation. Sioux City is the one place that we have visited, is the western theme park in Gran Canary Island. They have many different shows which my husband and I enjoyed watching the fantastic shows including "Duel until death", "Bank Robbery", "Town Square Hanging" and "Indian Rain Dance" among the most popular, complete with cowboys, Indians, Mexicans and of course a sheriff. The show was great with cattle, cows, shootouts, knife throwing and with can can girls. We enjoyed the show in every minute. One man asked to my husband if he could go to the stage and join the contest. My husband wondered what they are going to do. There were 10 people on the contest. The host was showing to them of what they are going to do, just shooting the gun of how they are so fast shooting, every two persons will present, and do shoot each other. My husband did not win (lol) against to the man (also tourist). I think my husband just so slowly shooting (he-he-he) Furthermore, the place is look amazing and making you feel like you are in wild western town with cowboys and Indians and with the sandy streets. They have restaurant, which is excellent food and great service. I am glad husband and I we did not missed this theme park. It was great experienced of us visited this Sioux City in Canary Island. This show definitely must see in Gran Canary Island.

Photo above Entrance of Sioux City Theme Park.

The start of the show


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