Calm and Beautiful Place in St. Blaise Park Neuchatel

Last weekend my husband, my baby and I went to Neuchatel a French language town that people speak fine French here in Switzerland, drove a car within 35 minutes from our place. Were just roaming around near by lake at St. Blaise Park and having a little picnic. We love this place is calm and beautiful place that you can see the Alps of berner oberland. My husband lived within 9 years in this place and learned French language. When I arrived here in Switzerland, he decided to live in Bern Capital City of Switzerland for good. I knew my husband how he missed this place because is beautiful and romantic place. We keep visiting in this place in spring, summer and autumn season when the weather is cool, we did picnic / grill and swim in the lake, playing badminton and volleyball with my friends. There are the photos last weekend. Yesterday my baby and I went to my friend house and we had a lot of fun with the kids and my friends. Check it out photos here caught yesterday at my friend house.

My baby boy laying on our picnic mat :-)

Husband enjoying his trophy (lol)

Enjoying the calm and cool breeze air of spring time


JonBetta said...

Hey baby, look at is very..hmmmm

stev & emz said...

great photos with your family sis. warm na dyan ano?