Hi, thanks God, I finished adding some links of my co-bloggers who were leaving a messages in my tag board and replied to some bloggers who visited my blog. If you are not in my link list feel free to leave your message in my tag board I surely add you then.
It was my work day today, my chief told me that she will increase my salary because I had already my diploma which I got last year in the month of August. When my chief telling that she will increase my salary, I was so surprised and my eyes were big and made me so much happy! I told to my husband about that, he said, “Is high salary for you”. I can say about my work, is not so tiring, I am happy with children, and I love my work too. I work, sometimes just sitting (lol he-he-he that is not kind of work but I just sitting down sometimes in my work hahaha) (lol) looking at the children while they are doing something, and teaching them how to paint, singing, and etc.

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~~Devita~~ said...

Wow! congratulations!!