Snow Sledging at Kiental

This is what I missed, snow sledging. Last year we were not with snow sledge because I was preggy of my son. I knew this is so late entry but I just want to share you what I have I missed last winter. Now it is summer, many months that we must wait until the winter come and do snow sledge. My husband and I we love to go snow sledge within half day just snow sledge, is not boring for us doing this. Snow sledge is a lot of fun; you will really enjoy doing. This coming winter we are sure with our little boy, that he will be one year old. The photo above took shot of my husband, I was on action snow sledging, we were in Kiental Berner Oberland during our snow sledging, about 11 kilometers from up to down with snow sledging, isn’t so far? I am sure when you do snow sledging as long so long way, you will really enjoy, but you must prepare your money to pay for chair lift up to the mountain, 1 pay 1 day valid.

5.11 Tactical Pants

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How day everyone? Many days I did not update of my blog. I do not know what I should write in here. Few days ago we were so busy and I have no time to update. I hope that these coming days I have time to update this blog. Tomorrow again I am going to my work early morning, my husband take care of baby and in the afternoon I do not know if I can go to my swimming group swimming fitness because my husband he need to work too. Let us see then.

Trusted Tours and Attractions

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New Blackberry Mobile Phone

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Happy Mother's Day

Today, I am so tired so much errands here and tomorrow we have schedule, we will do picnic tomorrow with my family and friends. So now, before I went to bed, I want to say you, to all the mother out there or even not mother “Happy Mother's Day”. Enjoyyy!!!!

Online Store Software

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Refreshing Our Day

It just refreshing our day, it was great and perfect weather we were by Neuchatel lake, me and my husband decided to rent a pedal boat which a little bit expensive but we enjoyed pedalling this little boat in addition it is good for our body exercise (lol). I missed to do this. I hope this summer we can rent again this with our little baby boy I do not know yet if this is possible to go pedal boat with our little baby boy.

Greetings To You All

Hi folks, before I sign off now let me say you have a nice day or good night to you. See you later when I get a chance to check my blog.

Shopping Online at

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Spring Season Flowers Bloom Everywhere

Time goes by so fast we are now almost in the middle of spring season. Spring is beautiful season too. The flowers blooms, the cool wind and smells good everywhere from flowers and trees. In this season is ideal to go hike to the mountains and you can see clearly the amazing Alps or went to the forest to have a little bit walk. My husband and me like to go mountains or in the forest, by lake and by river do picnic and grill or cook outside and play sport. It was nice weather last weekend I took shots some wild flowers while we were walking by the fields. It was perfect weather and warm wind. I cannot wait the temperature will be 30 degrees Celsius so that with my family we will go to the swimming pool or here by our balcony we need to buy soon a little rubber pool for our baby and I. Nyay!

These flowers for cooking oil

These flowers for cooking oil

Photo Of The Day

My husband took shot this photo. We were in Bea Expo.

Squash Soup

Today I tried cooking squash soup; I never expect it was amazing taste. It was my first cooking squash soup, I just put with the needle crème and the vegetables bouillon then the result it was delicious. My husband like it very much my squash soup, I will make again this kind of squash soup. The squash vegetables it contains of more nutrients, fibers, beta-carotene and more vitamin B and it is a great addition to any healthy diet.

Happy Labor Day

I am glad tomorrow my husband does not have work because it is Labor Day. All the shops is closed tomorrow and I do not know yet what we should do tomorrow, I think I should continue doing iron our clothes (lol) and clean our glass window huh! So many errands tomorrow, help me! I know my husband will not let me to do alone of that kind of chores, I am not kind tall woman I cannot reach the top glass of our window I need high chairs or stool for that. We will see tomorrow if it is good weather so we can do that chores. Oks, that is all for now, Good night and Happy Labor Day!