Happy Labor Day

I am glad tomorrow my husband does not have work because it is Labor Day. All the shops is closed tomorrow and I do not know yet what we should do tomorrow, I think I should continue doing iron our clothes (lol) and clean our glass window huh! So many errands tomorrow, help me! I know my husband will not let me to do alone of that kind of chores, I am not kind tall woman I cannot reach the top glass of our window I need high chairs or stool for that. We will see tomorrow if it is good weather so we can do that chores. Oks, that is all for now, Good night and Happy Labor Day!


~~Devita~~ said...

Happy labor day!! Well, i have to wash the clothes, study for tomorrow test and clean up the room. wakaakk

haze said...

Uy Happy Labour Day! Murag ala man me ana nga holiday diri sa England or UK. Among holiday kay May 5 pa man, lahi jud diri bah, kaysa other countries, lol. Pati mothers day nag una atong March, lol.