Spring Season Flowers Bloom Everywhere

Time goes by so fast we are now almost in the middle of spring season. Spring is beautiful season too. The flowers blooms, the cool wind and smells good everywhere from flowers and trees. In this season is ideal to go hike to the mountains and you can see clearly the amazing Alps or went to the forest to have a little bit walk. My husband and me like to go mountains or in the forest, by lake and by river do picnic and grill or cook outside and play sport. It was nice weather last weekend I took shots some wild flowers while we were walking by the fields. It was perfect weather and warm wind. I cannot wait the temperature will be 30 degrees Celsius so that with my family we will go to the swimming pool or here by our balcony we need to buy soon a little rubber pool for our baby and I. Nyay!

These flowers for cooking oil

These flowers for cooking oil

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~~Devita~~ said...

soooo.... beautiful sis!