Photos In Travel Blog

It has been awhile I did not post new entry in my blog. I just losing my appetite posting entries (nabahaw jud ni). Anyway, I posted new photos in my travel blog when we were in Blausee just check it out in here. Enjoy!

Deep Blue Lake

A beautiful place, romantic and friendly nature and has deep blue lake with its crystal clear water as what you can see in the photo and we discovered thousands of Trout fishes big and small fish in Blausee that we’ve been today with my husband, baby, my mom and I with my friend and her family.

See you more update later on folks and more photos that we have took when we were in Blausee..

Know More About Kiwi Fruit

Every weekend I bought Kiwi fruits but I used to eat in the middle of the week in the afternoon as a snack. I like to eat kiwi fruit with salt, maybe you think now how weird is that kiwi with salt huh! Well, did you know what kiwi fruits are? Kiwi fruit is a hairy brown peel contains green flesh and has small black seeds. Approximately look like the size of hen’s eggs. When is unripe is a little bit sour when is ripe is so sweet taste, similar to mango, strawberry and pineapple. Kiwi fruit in rich much more vitamins than oranges fruit it contains high amount of vitamin C and potassium.

Here is the Kiwi plants and the fruits. The photo took when we were in Brissago Island Ticino Switzerland during summer vacation.

Cold Times

Hi, time goes by so fast, the autum season is approaching, grrr, then winter, arg. The weather this year is not always nice keep changeable; I can ask my self or maybe you would say where the summer seasons go?
This is I want to share you, how look our place when it is wintertime. Is really freaking cold freezing place right?

Winter time

Photo took from Rosengarten (Rose Garten) view of Berner Town

Keep Smiling

Before I am going to my bed, let me say you have a great Sunday. Lastly, before I forget to say you, keep smiling because a day without smile is a lost day, so keep smiling. Thanks for dropping by my page. See you soon in your page.

Feeling More Comfort

Hi there, is so late now here but I am still here infront of my computer, but I don’t know what I should do in my computer, I just chatted my sister talked a lot telling stories and funny things. I did not used my computer this afternoon because I was on our bed, took rest for almost 6 hours, nyay! So much rest na! (lol) so now I am back in my blogging and taking care of my baby boy. When I was sick, I let baby CD to my husband and to my mom to take care. I thanks to my mom because she is here, she has a big help for my husband and I, which made me more comfortable everyday, I am proud being a daughter of her, a helpful mom, that I could shout to the world that I have a very best MOM. Oks, that’s for update now. Have a great day and keep smiling!

Remodelling Your Home

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Was Sick

How day everyone? as you know that, I was in tour in the eastern Switzerland with my family, we’ve planned to stayed in their within 4 days but we just stayed 1 day and stayed in hotel 1 night because Sunday evening I was sick, I was having fever and then in the next we drove way back home. We didn’t continue our eastern Switzerland vacation. We decided drive back home and choose to take a rest at home. Now I am ok and tomorrow I am sure my feeling will getting better.
Anyway, I am back in my blogging and tomorrow my start again in my blogging world and visiting your page. Sorry for not visiting your page immediately as you will know what I’ve written earlier, my happenings few days ago. Let me go to be now, is a kind of late now here in our place, let me see you, see you soon in your page, just drop your EC. Wherever you are around globe let me say you have a nice day!

University of Bedfordshire Clearing 2008

I remember when I was in college; I like to go to school, that I really miss. When I browse online, regarding courses I came across to this University of Bedfordshire Clearing 2008, from 14 August 2008, recruiting students onto their course via the clearing process. They offer to support and advice us what we need for a course which is right for us. Check out just click the link that I added.

I'm Home

Hi folks, I am at home now, just got back from my summer vacation in south of Switzerland but next week we’re going to travel in the east of Switzerland. At this time I don't know what date exactly we start to travel. I’ll visit your page tomorrow when I wake up in the morning here, just drop your EC. Let me sleep now, just tired from travel. Cioa! Wherever you are around the globe let me see you have a nice day!

Just Saying Hi!

Hi folks, I am here and saying hello and good day! I am still in my vacation, sorry for not visiting immediately in your page, I'll pay your visit later on if I am at home. I just posted this entry using scheduled future posts. Just drop your EC. I will come back soon. Thanks, have a nice day, wherever you are around the globe.

Having A Vacation

Tomorrow is our start of our summer vacation; we do not know where to spend out time for vacation. We just had packed our things but we doesn’t know what time we should travel tomorrow, I think and I am sure we are early to start our travel as what my husband planned that he wanted to go in south of Switzerland, just spend our time under the sun, nyay! Let us see then. Now I want to say to you have a nice time, see you later on, when I come back home from our vacation. I think when you read this entry, I am in my vacation, visiting interesting places and attractions around in the south of Switzerland.

Brunch On The Farmland (Swiss Confederation Day)

We had fantastic 1st August; we had a lot of fun. In the morning, we had brunch/breakfast on the Farmland, which is typical tradition of Swiss during Federation Day. We had great food, different kind of cheese, yogurts, eggs, Rösti (fried grated potatoes) a Swiss potato dish, coffees, teas and many more fine food and typical Swiss music, which was live band. My mom was enjoyed so much, it was her first brunch her in Switzerland and my 1st brunch too (nyay) supposed to be that yesterday we were going to do picnic (that I posted earlier entry) due of not nice weather therefore we decided to have brunch on the farmland. While we enjoying our food we surprised there are journalist was there and took to us pictures, check out the link, just click it here we were in the news…nyay! (Sikat ang mga beauty ng pinays)

With my mom...

The brunch on the farmland. Bunch of people and children were there. My husband wearing blue shirt and my friend wearing black and white blouse with her husband wearing orange polo shirt..

After having brunch on the farmland we went to the city and we had ice cream dessert….