Feeling More Comfort

Hi there, is so late now here but I am still here infront of my computer, but I don’t know what I should do in my computer, I just chatted my sister talked a lot telling stories and funny things. I did not used my computer this afternoon because I was on our bed, took rest for almost 6 hours, nyay! So much rest na! (lol) so now I am back in my blogging and taking care of my baby boy. When I was sick, I let baby CD to my husband and to my mom to take care. I thanks to my mom because she is here, she has a big help for my husband and I, which made me more comfortable everyday, I am proud being a daughter of her, a helpful mom, that I could shout to the world that I have a very best MOM. Oks, that’s for update now. Have a great day and keep smiling!

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