Cold Weather

We are now in winter season as we can say that Christmas is coming so close. The coldness of the weather is striking.
Me and my 3 boys are sick having hard cough & cold. The snow are getting ice, all outside of the house are freezing, during night the weather temperature is cold freezing over minus 10 degrees celcius in our place. To be sure if you go out, must be wear your handshoes and thick Jacket/Coat.
This coming week the weather temperature will be back to 3 to 5 degrees celcius, hmmm... sound not bad in this winter season huh!
I just only hope no more snow until 26th so that I can attend all the Parties & drive my car.....then it will be Okay if the snow back :)...hope so...

Buying Childrens Furniture for their Stuffs

I like IKEA that where you can buy all things furnitures, cabinets, bedsheets, sofas/couch, kitchennete thingy all things that you need to decor your pretty home. All are affordable which you can choose your style of your home also like kitchen and living room that suit to you.
  I like to drop too at thier restaurant they have fine food, caffees, tees & drinks which you can relax after buying.

Christmas is coming

Christmas is all about love, giving gifts someone special in our lives, friends, family & relatives that make us remembering someone special of us. There are many parties, fine foods prepared & christmas lights & decors hanging everywhere on the streets, malls or at inside your house that made our eyes excitement that every blink or colors of christmas lights.

Kids or Us excited giving gifts and recieving gifts.

I am again busy looking at the websites for gifts of my kids, for my friends, for my inlaws & relatives for christmas gifts.

As of my busy days work and taking care of my kids I say that I am excited that month of  December Christmas coming so soon....So excited to be together with family, friends and relatives celebrating this Christmas season.

The picture that I shared are works of Children 4 and half years to 6 years old, where I've work as a Children leader. The material I used are old magazines. Next time I post some more photos of my childrens workarts.