So Thankful

I called to my friends that we have meet this coming Thursday night. This could be again our night. We are going to cinema again. We haven’t known yet what we would like going to watch in cinema, it could be comedy, drama, or maybe a thriller film to watch. I am just so excited again meeting to my friends.

Sometimes we went out and went to cinema 2 or 3 times in a month, it depends on the situation if we are not too busy. Sometime we are having hang out at the afternoon and having teas and coffees in bar and restaurant, talking and laughing in just many hours. It is nice again bonding with them. I am so much grateful having true friends and very kind friends. I am so thankful to knew them and being a part of their lives.

I am so thankful and I am happy my husband let me and gave me a time to go out at night with my friends and plus he is the one taking care of our son a 17 months old baby. He is really a best man of my life an understanding man, kind and thoughtful man. So much happy and thankful having in my life that any woman wish for.

Painting Easter Eggs

Saturday afternoon we had done buying foods for a week. After arranging foods in our ref that we had bought, therefore my husband, Cedie and I had time to paint Easter Eggs at our balcony. It was my second time painting Easter eggs the first time was in my husband friends last few years ago and last Saturday was my second time and Cedric 1st time painting Easter egg. Cedie like it also what we were doing he want also to paint, so we just let him keep painting. I enjoyed painting and my husband too, he just laughed what he has done as he said he is not good painter and not artistic am I too. Here are some photos that I have taken during the hours.

Cedie so fond of painting

He don't like that I disturb to him

Not too bad? my first paint :-)

I painted a tree

Two eggs are left :-)

Furniture I Like

Shopping for furniture for bedroom, dinning table and couch there are many choices like style, colors, artistic design and the most important good quality. The most I like furniture made of wood rustic furniture because handcrafted furniture, artistic decorative art shapes that very natural look, cultural style and unique design, for the living room and bedroom that you never find in the other furniture shop. At Scenic Furniture has huge selection of rustic furniture, rustic décor and more. At Scenic Furniture, I found out Sunrise Top Queen Sized bed furniture I like the most because very artistic style, own unique design and decorative shape, which I like the most for my casual lifestyle.

Baerenplatz In Berne

It was beautiful weather here in our place last Sunday, my husband, Cedie and I had bonding time. We went out and went to the city had spent time and ordered drinks in restaurant in Baerenplatz had some drinks coffees and teas that I really missed a lot sat down under the sun with my man. Cedie was sleeping so deeply on his stroller so me my husband had a long chitchat and enjoyed the time in restaurant.

Baerenplatz (Bärenplatz), where you can find good restaurants, a nice place to sit and chitchat together with friends and family. A nice place when it is sun out and warm weather. Sitting outside of the restaurant and there are waiters serve you fine food and to eat and drinks.

By the way, the weather is getting good and warm, I think this time a lot of outing under the sun, yippee!

Hostile Work Environment

Porn is now spreading on the net and there is a lot of pornography now. You do not know too if the computer that you are using now has pornography and viruses and that it can be affect to your work and it can be losses your company. Do you know how to detect pornography to your workplace or company? If your employee and you found hostile work environment harassment. Take legal action to the people who will wrongfully termination in the workplace. Know the answer you check at SurfRecon ERT (Emergency Response Tool) helps to your problems business.

Happy April Fool's Day

Have you forgotten that it is a fool’s day today! Its April 1st now… I want to say Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! This is the day of practical jokes to fool everyone to share to the family, friends, neighbour members and enemies.

So let us celebrate April Fools Day everyone. This is the video I want to share you…took from you tube site, hilarious, funny and prank!!!