Painting Easter Eggs

Saturday afternoon we had done buying foods for a week. After arranging foods in our ref that we had bought, therefore my husband, Cedie and I had time to paint Easter Eggs at our balcony. It was my second time painting Easter eggs the first time was in my husband friends last few years ago and last Saturday was my second time and Cedric 1st time painting Easter egg. Cedie like it also what we were doing he want also to paint, so we just let him keep painting. I enjoyed painting and my husband too, he just laughed what he has done as he said he is not good painter and not artistic am I too. Here are some photos that I have taken during the hours.

Cedie so fond of painting

He don't like that I disturb to him

Not too bad? my first paint :-)

I painted a tree

Two eggs are left :-)


Beth said...

your son is big now.. wow I can't believe it. How are you?

Gorgeous MUM said...

such a nice bonding activity!