So Thankful

I called to my friends that we have meet this coming Thursday night. This could be again our night. We are going to cinema again. We haven’t known yet what we would like going to watch in cinema, it could be comedy, drama, or maybe a thriller film to watch. I am just so excited again meeting to my friends.

Sometimes we went out and went to cinema 2 or 3 times in a month, it depends on the situation if we are not too busy. Sometime we are having hang out at the afternoon and having teas and coffees in bar and restaurant, talking and laughing in just many hours. It is nice again bonding with them. I am so much grateful having true friends and very kind friends. I am so thankful to knew them and being a part of their lives.

I am so thankful and I am happy my husband let me and gave me a time to go out at night with my friends and plus he is the one taking care of our son a 17 months old baby. He is really a best man of my life an understanding man, kind and thoughtful man. So much happy and thankful having in my life that any woman wish for.

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