Baerenplatz In Berne

It was beautiful weather here in our place last Sunday, my husband, Cedie and I had bonding time. We went out and went to the city had spent time and ordered drinks in restaurant in Baerenplatz had some drinks coffees and teas that I really missed a lot sat down under the sun with my man. Cedie was sleeping so deeply on his stroller so me my husband had a long chitchat and enjoyed the time in restaurant.

Baerenplatz (Bärenplatz), where you can find good restaurants, a nice place to sit and chitchat together with friends and family. A nice place when it is sun out and warm weather. Sitting outside of the restaurant and there are waiters serve you fine food and to eat and drinks.

By the way, the weather is getting good and warm, I think this time a lot of outing under the sun, yippee!

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