My 3rd Christmas season here in Switzerland

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This year is my 3rd time Christmas here in Switzerland. January 28, '07 It will be 3 years I'm living here in switzerland, Congrats for my self!

My Christmas was great and lot of fun with my beloved inlaws. Hope u too gurls, have had lot of fun too like mine...

Well, just check my videos, this are during the Christmas Celebration in our house (December 24 at night in our house and then December 25 at night at my parent inlaw house. In December 26 afternoon, we go to cenima and watched the film "Royale Casino" James Bond. T'was also nice action film and quiet funny too which I really like.)

I cooked pinoy food and swiss food, with matching santa claus apron..LOLs..and it was my 1st time Christmas that we invited my inlaws. We also said, that we celebrated christmas in our house coz HE granted my prayers, I got a good job past few months ago and I passed my driving manual test past few weeks ago and after a day I got my DRIVING LICENSE. That was all a big gift from God. I thank all that my husband always support, care and love me always. I am very thankfull to GOD , I awe to HIM in all.

Play the photo video and take a few minutes to sit down infront of ur computer to watch the video which I created and at the end watch the video i took in my camera..its a short video coz my step mother inlaw, she never know that I took a video them on that time, thats why its just like a short video, she want to take a picture thats why its only a short video...huh check it out! LOLs.

Hope u enjoy the video folks.

Click the video and wait a few seconds or 1 minute....

"The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul………..Happy New Year!!!"

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