My Sweet Little Boy

My son Cedric is 13 months old and at the 2nd week of January he turns 14 months old. It is so great when I wake up in the morning my baby Cedric flashing his smile on me and saying mommy and Dada. That’s make me feel so good and start my day so bright and shine. My baby Cedric grows so fast, healthy and strong. He is so sweet, huggable and kissable baby boy. It has seems just yesterday I gave birth to him suddenly he is big boy, run around in the house and talk with his Dad and mom’s. He loved to open the drawers and cabinets, making mess mom’s and dad’s things and he loved to jump and walk on the sofa when Dad and mom’s watching movies and TV shows and play in front, he is just so proud of his self that he can do this and that! He imitates what mom, Dad saying, and doing. He is clever boy lovable and so sweet. I am so grateful his part of our life and thankful to God that he gave me a lovable son. He is not crying baby, easy to be with and deal. Nyay. I love my sweet baby boy.

The Most Celebrated Ocassions Of The Year

Let’s celebrate the Christmas. Yes it is another happy Christmas once again everyone! The Christmas day is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year around the globe, which is the most wonderful time of the year.

Today it’s Christmas Eve, its one day to go then its Christmas day. Let’s enjoy the day and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Let’s enjoy with the family, friends and loved ones which is the spirit of Christmas.

Therefore, my dear readers, guest, visitors and co-bloggers wish you had a Merry Merry Christmas Everyone!

Let's Party...

Weekend it was party time. Filipina Choral group had Christmas Party and we attended the celebration. There are almost 2 hundred people attended including Swiss people. It was a lot of foods and desserts to eat and drinks. My husband liked the food as he told me. Baby Cedric was doing well and behave on the party until fall asleep on the arms on his Dad and before midnight, we came home. Moreover, in the next day before afternoon we attended another party the celebration of my daughter friends 1st month b-day and it was another food again and drinks. Yay! Even the month of December not done there are many parties to go. This weekend again and until New Year!

Have fun and enjoy the parties everyone …Merry Christmas!

Photo below took during the parties...

The Filipino Choral Group

My friend Malou, Me, my son Cedric and Rina

On the party of my friend

Juana Change

Folks, thought to share you what I have discovered last week. Last week I’ve watched one TV program in The Filipino Channel (TFC) one of the topic discussed about "Juana Change" and then I opened You Tube and searched “Juana Change” and this it is…

This is about politics Cha-Cha in Philippines.

Sexy Dark Brown Boots

As I don’t have pairs of color dark brown boots last Saturday I bought a new another sexy and beautiful dark brown boots to include my boots collection. I love it wearing boots, sexy and I feel comfort to wear and make my feet keep warm.

Check out my pairs of Boots in here...