Let's Party...

Weekend it was party time. Filipina Choral group had Christmas Party and we attended the celebration. There are almost 2 hundred people attended including Swiss people. It was a lot of foods and desserts to eat and drinks. My husband liked the food as he told me. Baby Cedric was doing well and behave on the party until fall asleep on the arms on his Dad and before midnight, we came home. Moreover, in the next day before afternoon we attended another party the celebration of my daughter friends 1st month b-day and it was another food again and drinks. Yay! Even the month of December not done there are many parties to go. This weekend again and until New Year!

Have fun and enjoy the parties everyone …Merry Christmas!

Photo below took during the parties...

The Filipino Choral Group

My friend Malou, Me, my son Cedric and Rina

On the party of my friend

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gen2507 said...

wow u guys look beautiful! Happy new year sis! love ya!